Why Air-con Not Cold Anymore?

Aircon suddenly not cold anymore? In a hot and humid country like Singapore, an air-conditioner is quickly becoming a staple in households, offices and shopping centre. Almost every household in Singapore has an air-conditioner. The air conditioner is a device designed to dehumidify and extract heat from the area through a refrigeration cycle. This results in the area being cool.

A regular air conditioner consists of a few major components which are the evaporating unit, condensing unit, expansion valve and compressor, and other components such as a thermostat and an onboard filter.
How does an air conditioner work? Basically, it uses all the major components as mentioned earlier to exploit a basic physics principal called "phase conversion" and putting a refrigerant (usually a chemical compound) through the refrigeration cycle.

Firstly, the low pressure evaporating unit, which is placed inside the area you want to keep cool, absorbs heat from the area. The refrigerant inside it absorbs the heat, changing it from a liquid state to a gaseous state. To reuse the refrigerant, it has to be converted back to liquid state to repeat the process. Thus, the gaseous refrigerant has to go through the compressor, putting it under high pressure and undergoes an exothermic reaction. The excess unwanted heat is expelled outdoors through the condensing unit and the refrigerant changes state once again from gas to liquid. The process is then repeated to continually keep the room cool. The expansion valve is placed in between the evaporating and condensing unit to regulate the refrigerant flow into the evaporating unit.

However, at times, it may seem like the air conditioner is not functioning well. It is no longer cooling the area.
Aircon Not Cold

Why is this so? This can be attributed to a few of reasons.

The first reason is due to the air conditioner being old. An average lifespan of an air conditioner is about 15 years and it requires regular preventive maintenance to prolong its lifespan and allowing it to perform efficiently. If your air conditioner is over 15 years, it is probably high time to get a replacement.

The second reason is dirty air conditioning components, which results in reduced efficiency of the air conditioner. Things such as a clogged air filter or fan motor clogged with dust (which prevents cool air from being released) creates inefficiency within the air conditioning system and may result in less than ideal cooling of the room. Even worst, they may overwork the air conditioner and thus shortening the lifespan of it. As stated above, it is always good to regularly clean the air conditioner and undergo maintenance to keep it in tip top condition so as to maximize efficiency.

A third reason could be due to faulty parts in the air conditioner. The last reason could be due to a mismatch in adjustment of the air conditioner to the surroundings. Utilize the settings to switch to a cool temperature suitable to the user. If this still fails, a possibility is that the installed air conditioner is undersized and not suitable for the room.

It is necessary to customize and find a suitable air conditioner to fit the surrounding and it may take some time to look for the right one. However, it is worth the trouble as it will keep you cool and save you money in the long run in terms of cost efficiency.

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