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In Singapore, with the efficiency of our local police forces, crime rates are in a manageable situation. However, complacency should not be happening as those crime offenders will still find ways and means to commit a crime i.e. Burglaries.

How should we protect ourselves or rather preventive measures against such burglaries to happen to us? The answer will be window grilles and gates!

Having a gate and grilles to your windows will greatly making your home safe and impregnable to burglars, vandals and thieves. These highly sought for items are commonly identified as window grilles, invisible grilles, window bars, wrought iron gate etc. Those items act a shield against unnecessary intruders while still allow ample sunlight and flowage of air to your house.

Always have this concept in mind that most burglaries are "by chance" acts which are done on the spur of moment and prowling burglar is frequently on a lookout for an easy target on houses or offices that do not have any sufficient security protection.

Buildings that do not come with extra security measures are likely to be a target by burglars. Statistics had shown houses with very minimum or simple security measures i.e. locks on window or deadlocks on doors have minimum force break in rate compared with those houses with none. As far you can be rest assured that with a proper preventive measures such as grille and gate, you will be able to sleep soundly through the night or go out shopping in the day without having much worries about intruders breaking in your house to steal.

So which are the best ways to protect your house? Simple! You need to identify which part of your house are the main and vulnerable areas, which is your main doors and windows. Thus, to have a better effective way to prevent burglars from intruding your house via your windows and doors, you definitely need grilles and gates.

Grilles and gates are protective metals that you will be installing in in front of your main doors and behind your windows. These metals are extracting from high-density aluminium or wrought iron to form the grilles and gates in a customised design. With the flexibility of their design, these grilles and gates can be installed to any doors or windows.

Gates come in handy to provide security to your house if you would like to open your door for better ventilation. People may have a thought that what if there a fire, with a gate in front of your house may be of a hindrance. Be assured that those gates are easy to operate and in case of fire, people are still able to exit quickly.

Many Singaporeans reside in HDB flats; hence, windows are greatly exposed out to common corridors. With the grille in force to the window, you can still enjoy the view outside your windows but with lesser fear that intruders may break in through your open window.

Grille and gates come in different designs which can also blend in well with your house themes. You may see designs i.e. nature shapes (moon, star), symmetric shapes (diamond, square) etc.

In general, grilles and gates come in different designs which can be as of a decoration for your house. Furthermore, their main purpose is still act as a security barrier for your house. With an additional grille or gates installed to your house, those thieves and burglars will definitely think twice in breaking in your house.

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