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Carpets are among the crucial materials used for flooring and usually provide warmth as well as beauty to your interiors. Over time, these carpets accumulate dust, dirt particles and other micro organisms such as dust mites if not maintained properly. When your carpet becomes dirty, it could easily cause health threats, especially to people that are allergic to dirt or even grimes.

Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Carpet cleaning is usually done by professionals who are well conversant with different types of carpet cleaning methods with the use of special tools. If your office or home carpet gets dirty, then you need to give a thought to seeking the services of a carpet cleaning company in Singapore. A carpet cleaning company ensures that the people who visit your office and home, as well as your family, stay distanced from the health dangers of breathing the dust embedded in the carpet.

That said, some people in Singapore still lag behind by being disillusioned by certain myths that they have held for a long time now. This post looks at some of the carpet cleaning misconceptions and how to get out of them. Read on.

1) The more times you clean a carpet, the faster it becomes dirty

Carpet cleaning does not make your carpet get dirty faster as some people in Singapore believe. This belief could have been brought about by unsavoury experiences with unprofessional carpet cleaning companies. Dishonest carpet cleaning companies can clean your carpet with the use of residue leaving carpet shampoos that ultimately make the carpet seem to get dirty quickly.

Some cleaning companies could have ignorant technicians that could possibly be using weak machines to clean your carpet. With these, it would be hard to get rid of sticky dirt on the carpet and thus the belief that a carpet cleaned frequently gets dirt quicker. What you need to do is to hire a top-rated carpet cleaning company with experienced professionals to get the job done.

Cleaning of carpet

2) With the right equipment, I can get the job done

Some people in Singapore believe that cleaning a carpet is as easy as drinking a cup of water. Failure to clean stains on the carpet could rapidly ruin the beauty of your carpet and hence the need for a professional cleaner.

Cleaning a carpet by your own means could save you some money, but you should know that you can end up spending more than you could have initially spent by hiring a professional. This is because carpets are made out of different fibers and fabrics that tend to be fragile and easily get damaged. The various carpet fibers and fabrics require different methods of cleaning that only professionals are acquainted with.

3) A carpet should only be cleaned when it gets dirty

There are people who believe that as long as they don’t see dirt on the carpet, then cleaning it is not necessary. This should not be the case since it is impossible to see dirt elements such as bacteria, air pollutants among others, with your naked eyes.

Dirt is very abrasive and every time you step in your home or office carpet, you grind dirt particles into the carpet fibers. This explains why a dirty carpet does not last longer than clean carpet since the dirt particles cause the carpet to wear out quickly.

Do not wait long before having your carpet cleaned by a professional to prevent it from wearing out easily.

4) Professional carpet cleaning companies give cleaning charges over the phone

Some incumbents of Singapore tend to believe that professional carpet cleaning companies will only give you a price quote over the phone. Contrary to that, reputable carpet cleaning service providers provide a quote over the phone and take a step further by visiting your office or home in order to give the exact quotation.

This belief is usually propelled by dishonest carpet cleaning service providers who are after money and do not observe customer ethics. To get out of this belief, the Singapore people should only hire professional carpet cleaners who keep all the customer care values.

5) You should hire the cheapest carpet cleaning company

Cheap is expensive, and thus you should not be lured by the cheap carpet cleaning services offered by some companies as some people do. You should only go for the reputable companies that provide quality carpet cleaning services after comparing several of them.

Depending on the type of carpet cleaning you require, you should make sure that the price quoted by the cleaning company you select is the actual price.

If you are after cleaning your carpet partially, then you can go for cheap companies that employ the method of dry cleaning or shampoos. For a thorough carpet cleaning, you could opt to go for a little more expensive carpet cleaner who, for example, could be using steam.

Factors that carpet cleaning companies consider when determining the cleaning quote


Most companies consider the cost of moving furniture out of the office or home before and after cleaning. In most cases, the company informs you to remove some furniture prior to the day of cleaning. Heavy and delicate furniture are left for qualified furniture movers to avoid causing damage to them.

Type of carpet

Different carpets require different methods of cleaning that have varying charges. In Singapore, some of the cleaning methods include:

1. Dry cleaning.

2. Steam cleaning/hot water extraction.

3. Carpet bonneting among others.

Degree of dirt

The dirtier your carpet, the more time it consumes to clean and hence the more the cleaning company will charge you. A carpet that was previously cleaned several months ago or one that has hard to remove stains takes longer to clean.

As far much as you want your carpet to look elegant, the other cleaning motive to put into consideration is to avoid health conditions that breathing dirt could bring. Look for a carpet cleaning company that uses the state of the art technology and cleaning products that are approved and certified by the authorities.

Professional cleaners will ensure that you are safe since they use their approved products to sanitize and disinfect your carpet as they clean it.

What Is The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore?

Whenever you have contacted a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets in routine or at some special occasion, then the service provider offers you a list containing a wide range of carpet cleaning prices. Usually, the prices of carpet cleaning depend upon the size of the carpets as well as the time taken in cleaning them.

Carpet Cleaning Cost singapore

For instance, the cleaning price

For a carpet, up to 500 sq feet which take 1 hour to clean is $0.50-0.60 per sq foot, with minimum charges for $250

For carpets with 600-1200 sq feet area taking 2 hours, you may have to pay $0.325 – 0.35.

For carpets with 1201-2500 sq feet area taking 4 hours, it can be $0.275-0.30

For carpets with 2501 -5000 sq feet area taking up to 6 hours the price can be from $0.225 to $0.25

For carpets with 5001-7999 sq feet area taking nearly 8 hours the price can be $0.175 to $0.20

Thus, you see that the carpet cleaning cost per sq foot decreases with the increasing area of the carpet and the time taken in cleaning them.

So, at his point, it becomes necessary to know about the factors that can influence the carpet cleaning prices.

Factors affecting the price of carpet cleaning

Apart from the size of the carpet and time taken to clean them, there are several other factors that can influence your carpet cleaning cost. These factors include:

Clean targeted stains and spots: If your carpet has certain stubborn spots or stains then your professional carpet cleaner will charge an additional price for cleaning them.

Removing pet smells and odors: If you have pets in your home then to remove their unpleasant smell your carpet cleaning price will increase due to the additional cost of the special cleaning solutions required for this purpose.

Discounts: Some of the professional carpet cleaners offer a discount on their cleaning services if you include some other items to clean along with your cleaning carpets. However, it will increase your total cleaning bill even after discounts.

The small size of home: Though the price of cleaning carpets is charged at per sq foot rate but if the area of your carpets is less than their minimum charges then the carpet cleaning cost for the people living in small homes will automatically increase.

Planning regular maintenance of the carpets: Normally it is advised to clean the carpets with the help of professional cleaners at least once a year to maintain its looks. But you can reduce the cost of maintenance of your carpets if you hire a reputed carpet cleaning service in your city. The quality of their services can considerably increase the life of your carpets.

Movement of furniture: If the carpet cleaning service you have hired has to move the furniture on the carpets before starting to clean them then they may charge you additionally for this additional service. They will also replace your furniture after cleaning and drying your carpets thoroughly.

Methods to clean carpets: Most reputed professional carpet cleaners use various methods to perform as per the requirement of their clients. These methods may include dry cleaning and/or steam cleaning to clean your carpets deeply. But for cleaning the surface of your caret they may use the technique of bonnet cleaning or shampooing the carpets which may cost cheaper.

Type of your carpet: Your carpet cleaning price can be affected greatly with the type of your carpets. The cleaning of the synthetic carpet can be cheaper than cleaning a carpet made of natural fabric like wool etc.

Your location: Your distance from your carpet cleaning service can also be one of the reasons for increasing your carpet cleaning cost. The cleaning service may also charge for the time consumed in reaching your destination.

In this way, the carpet cleaning price can vary according to the types of services required by you. Though the list of carpet cleaning service is an authentic document for the prices of their standard services still you may have to pay more if you ask for some additional services from your service provider. The prices shown in the list can be charged for the basic carpet cleaning services provided by them. For every additional as well as specialized service your carpet cleaning cost will increase more than the list.

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