Choosing The Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

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We all know and understand that carpets get dirtied really easily and when it gets stained or dirtied, the process of cleaning the mess up can be a hassle to most of us. With this sole reason, nowadays there are an increasing number of people opting for the easier way out-engaging carpet cleaning services from the professionals. Cleaning equipments used by the professionals are far more superior than the normal equipments we used to clean our carpets at home or at the office.

We have different views on the methods we should be using to clean our carpets. A majority feels that steam cleaning is the best method to get their carpets back into healthy state. Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction; a machine will make use of the hot water steam to clean and rinse the carpet thoroughly. At the same time it also aids in the removal of germs and bacteria which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. Besides that, it also helps to prolong the life span of your carpets and maintain it at the best condition possible.

Another method used to clean the carpets would be dry cleaning. This method is done by beating powder into the carpet with the beater bar and the powder is not removable. This method is not as popular as the steam cleaning method because it is not able to cleanse and rinse the carpet well enough. In addition, excess water cannot be removed. Sometimes, we might realised that there are still stains on our carpets when we get them cleaned thoroughly but what is left on the carpets are not stains but residues left due to wet spots.

Most professionals would recommend steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) as the best method to clean your carpets. Now, there is a new cleaning method which is also called the dry steam cleaning. From the word dry steam, we will know that our carpets would be dry once the cleaning process is done. But the fact is, dry cleaning uses more water than hot water extraction and yet it does not leaves on any residue.

In fact, there are many types of methods available for carpet cleaning. It is best that you decide on the method that suits your carpet best. Some companies might even offer promotions or packages for carpet cleaning; thus, clinch the best deals in the market. The best solution is to try out different kinds of carpet cleaning methods and pick your preferred ones.

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