What Are The Benefits of Office Blinds?

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Benefits of Office Blinds

Give your office space the absolute new look by installing blinds. In today's market, there is an extensive range of blinds you can choose from. How to you select the right blind for your office? It is crucial as it creates a pleasant working environment for everyone. Blinds not only block extreme sunlight from entering, it has been used as a decoration item which will help you to create a specific theme. Window blinds will be the first that capture attention when your clients walked in to your office.

Installing blinds in your office may help you to save on your electrical bills and additional financial cost. When less sunlight transmitted, lesser air conditioning will be switched on and you will be able to save about 20% of electrical bills. Sunlight that constantly shining directly on your office furniture, it may undergo a major discoloration and fading in a long run.

You will enjoy benefits such as:

Reducing screen glares
Flexible usage of natural light
Blinds act as a direct barrier to sunlight
Durable & easy to maintain

This is where blinds are extremely beneficial, it prevent you from additional cost!
Singapore Curtains understand that working in office with sunlight entering may cause headaches and eyestrains. We are able to provide with our comprehensive collection of window blinds. We do supply and installation of roller blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, rainbow blinds, blackout blinds and venetian blinds. Motorised blinds are available and it can be raised up and lowered at the push of a button!

Many claims that blinds are very long lasting and it will last a long time. That is wrong! Blinds are exposed to harmful sunlight and rays; it will definitely suffer wear & tear with discolouration over time but most of the window blinds can last up to 15 years. Blinds are also easy to maintain, by using dry dusting cloth and water to wipe off the dust.

Our team of professional specialist are experienced. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and we always keep in mind that the most important factor of continuing our business is to retain our existing customers. Customer satisfaction and service has always been our goal. We pride ourselves delivering only quality service and blinds on time within your budget. The primary key is to find the balance between the blind's benefit and the total cost!

Should you require any help in deciding, call us and we will definitely be able to assist you. We do provide a FREE on-site quotation with sample and we will be able to get your exact measurement.

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