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From this name 'E marketing & home services' aka E Home Services, one would be able to tell what kind of services the company is providing. Yes, we are providing all kinds of home services.

There are a variety of companies to select from if you need services such as- air-conditioning services (installation and repair works included), house cleaning for homes and offices, painting services, 24 hours plumbing service, installation of curtains, blinds and wallpapers, house moving services, custom made kitchen cabinets, installation of aluminium and wrought iron gates and carpet cleaning for residential or offices.

Unfortunately, most of the companies would not be able to provide you with more than one of the services above. For example, they cannot provide you air conditioning servicing and painting services at the same time. You will have to spend some time to search for other contractors who are able to take up the jobs individually. E marketing & home services believes in providing a one stop solution for all of our services. We provide professional and skilful service and we specialise in all of the services.

Firstly, if you encountered any problems with your air conditioner unit such as leaking of water or low gas level; we can always solve these problems for you. On the other hand, if you want to get a new air conditioner unit installed, we can also install for you at the most affordable price which you can get in the market. All of our technicians are trained accordingly and they have many years of experience to solve all of your problems.

Secondly, if you have no time to spare from your busy schedules; you may want to engage the professionals to do the chores for you. All of our cleaners are local Singaporeans; they are fully insured and paid CPF. Our cleaners do not stay over at your house- they are not like full time maids. This can help save up a sum of money for the accommodation and food expenses. In addition, our cleaners are sent for trainings and frequent updates on the latest technologies to clean up your house. You will have no problem communicating with the cleaners because they are bilingual; they speak both English and Mandarin.

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Thirdly, for our painting services; we believe in three aspects which are being fast and efficient, producing good quality work and catering to our customers' needs. We do not hire foreign workers to paint your house and if you need help with the selection of colours or designs, do not hesitate to approach our friendly staffs. They are knowledgeable and they are more than willing to help you out.

Following that, we also provide plumbing services. If you encounter any emergency plumbing services during the night, you can call us as our hotline is 24 hours. Our plumbers are able to fix problems from choked basins to toilet bowls. If you want to get your old ones replaced, we can also do it for you.

Next, our company also provide you with free onsite quotation for curtains, blinds and wallpapers installation. Our staff will go over to your place to get the measurements and quote you accordingly. All of the curtains are custom made and it is made up of good quality fabric. For house moving services, we provide services such as free quotation, residential, commercial or industrial moving, dismantling or reassembling.

To cater to all of our customers' needs, we also specialise in building custom made cabinets. Discuss with our staffs about what kind of designs and colours you desire and we will work within that range for you. We have all types of materials to meet your requirements. We also provide aluminium and wrought iron gates with full installation. If you are still choosing between these two materials, discuss with us; we can help you with the selection.

Lastly, our company also provide carpet cleaning for residential and commercial purposes. Carpets should clean at least once every three to four months to maintain the cleanliness and durability of your carpets. There are many techniques used to clean different carpets. For example, steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning.

We provide in house services such as:

Aircon Servicing/Repair
Part Time Maid/ Cleaning Services
Painting Services
Movers Services
Curtains, Blinds & Wallpaper
Floorings, Lighting & Ceiling Fan
Window Grilles & Gates
Laundry Pickup Delivery
Carpet Cleaning & New Carpet Installation

Try one of our in house home & office services and you will certainly be impressed.
Why? Because we treat all our customers seriously and we want to bring them the best value out of
every dollar they invest with us. We believe in long term commitment and we are always here to serve you.

E Home Services, Singapore one stop solution for all types of home & office services!

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