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What colours do I paint my home?

Painting your home is the easiest and most cost effective way to change the look and feel of your home. Or is it? The results can be devastating if not thought through properly.
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There are a myriad of colors to choose from and to custom mix. Choosing the right colors for your home is important as you would be looking at it every waking moment you are in your home. Colors would affect your mood and affect your slumber too.

So before deciding what colors to paint your home or even a room, there are a few things to consider:

* The theme
* Decor and soft-furnishing
* The Ambience
* Lighting

The Theme

If you are re-painting your home, then you may not have much of a choice but to play around the different hues and tones of colors that match your current decor. But if you are painting a new home, then there are more avenues to look at. You need not follow a specific theme rigidly. You can do a combination of say modern contemporary, modern Zen, marrying rustic charm with country, having Asian touches in contemporary, etc. Whatever screams your style. Bear in mind that you would have to live with it for a while though. So stay with something not too outrageous that would last. Start with a main color and accent color. The idea is to keep the symmetry and flow.

Decor, Furniture, Soft-furnishings

Home Decor

When deciding what color to paint your walls, it is important to match the decorations that you intend to place (or have existing) in your home. Else, the decorations would end up looking like a sore thumb rather than accentuate your home. The same goes for furniture and soft-furnishings. Curtains or blinds take up a lot of wall space. If the wrong color is chosen for the wall, they can clash badly. Generally, if you have curtains/blinds with strong colors/designs, go for a more subtle wall color vice versa. Put a sample piece of material of your soft-furnishing against the paint color to match. Bear in mind that paint colors shown in catalogues do not always look the same when painted on the wall. Colors do have a tendency to come out darker.

The Ambience

Imagine the kind of feel you want to invoke when you walk into your home or room. It boils down to what you want your home/room to be. Be it a relaxing place to wind down, a place to entertain, fun and funky, or cozy and warm. All these can be achieved with marrying the right colors with to the setting. Neutral colors like browns, beiges, creams are warm and soothing. These are good for the living room. Cool colors like lavender, light greens, light blues are good for bedrooms as they are soothing and give a cozy feel. Go along with colors that you like and would not mind looking at it for some time. From there, select the tone that would match your decor, furniture and soft-furnishing. If somehow you find it hard to reconcile the wall colors with the decor, furniture or soft-furnishings, then you have to decide, which has to go.


Painting Class

Lighting is often overlooked. Natural and artificial lighting affects the color of the wall paints. That is why sometimes wall colors seem to differ in bright day light and at night when artificial light is used. Even during the day, when the intensity of the sunlight differ, so will the paint colors of the wall. Generally, if you have strong sunlight streaming in from the windows, stay away from dark colors as it absorbs heat! Also, color changes would be more prominent. Fluorescent lighting dulls warm colors. Warm lighting cast a yellowish tint that dulls cool colors. But nowadays, lightings come in different tints to offset these effects. If in doubt, always check with your lighting supplier what tints are available for the different light bulbs to get the effect you want. So bearing this in mind, choose your colors accordingly. You can call Singapore Lighting if you need any lighting services.

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