How Much Does It Cost To Paint 4 Room HDB Flat?

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Things You Should Know About HDB Flat Painting Services

Want to paint your HDB flat?Many Singaporeans live in the public houses provided by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Finding out good painting services for these HDB flats is one of the major concerns, nowadays. Though there are many such services available, however, it may be difficult to find a reliable one that suits your needs. Moreover, there may be certain greedy people out there, who are all set to charge you way more than what you are supposed to pay. Well, in such situations, it becomes very important for one to know about the exact cost of such services along with other essential details.

Most of the paint services in Singapore charge around $600 to $1100 for 3 rooms HDB. You can paint 4 room HDB flat within the range of $750 to $1350, while you may have to pay up to $1500 for 5 rooms. These rates are estimated on an average basis and may vary from one service provider to the other. Generally, they will provide you option to choose two different colors for your walls in a 3 room package. For 4 or 5 rooms, you can select three wall colors. However, if you wish to have even more varieties, you may have to pay extra charges for each addition colors, apart from your basic package.

Also, it is important to consider sealers or primers, if you are living in a brand new house. The reason behind this is that the walls of a newly built house have comparatively higher percentage of moisture in the walls and ceilings. Thus, if you directly apply paint over it, it may start to peel off within a few months. This is not what you expect after spending your valuable money on painting services, right? Well, in such a situation, applying sealers prior to the paint is a wise decision to make. Not only new homes, but houses that are over 20 years old, also need sealers beneath the paint.

You can either go for water-based sealers or the oil-based ones. The charges are different for different types of sealers. The oil based sealers to paint 4 room HDB flat may cost you $500, while the water based ones come within $450.

Finally, you must do an extensive research before opting for any HDB paint service. Many people look for house cleaning services after the painting is completed. There are plenty of companies, which include this type of addition services into their house painting packages. However, this calls for an extra charge. Thus, you should go through all the terms and conditions, before you finalize the deal.

It is very important to know about the past client history of a company. User experiences and feedbacks can be a great way to learn about the various pros and cons of a specific painting service provider. Also, it is highly recommended that you clearly specify all your requirements, beforehand. This will avoid any kind of confusion in the middle of the process. Professionals, who are trained enough to accommodate any of your needs are the best one to go for.

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