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Why We Are The Best Part Time Maid Agency In Singapore?

Looking for part time maid or cleaning services? The need to work extra to give your family a comfortable life may deprive you the time to clean your home and keep it in good shape. Even when you have time, there may be too much for you to do or you may be too tired to attend to the chores. If you want to enjoy coming home to a clean and welcoming house, you may need to hire a part time maid. If you get the right one, you will not only have a cleaner more organized home but you will also have more time to relax and enjoy doing the things you love with those close to you.
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There are many ways of getting a part time maid but if you want to get a professional, trustworthy and efficient maid, you need to hire from a part time maid agency that is reputable. Many things can go wrong when you do not get a good part time maid. Remember that this is a person you are going to entrust your home to therefore, you need to hire only from the best. When you rely on us, we ensure that you only get the best. Here are some of the things that make us the best part time maid agency in Singapore.

We Only Hire & Train the Best Cleaners

We just don't recruit anyone who is looking for a job as a part time maid. We scrutinize all our maids to ensure that they are legally in the country, can handle the job and have what it takes to work hard to deliver quality services. We also teach our part time maids on ethics, how to clean efficiently and how to get along with the employees. You will find that our maids are the best in Singapore in terms of efficiency, professionalism, reliability, honesty and trust.

Readily Available Services

When you need a part time maid, we do not keep you waiting for long. We understand your needs and ensure that you get the right maid immediately. You can call us anytime of the day or night requesting our services. Our part time maid agency runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on holidays therefore, you can access our services anytime you need them. We also have a wide selection of maids ensuring that at no given time are we unable to meet out clients needs.

Affordable Services

Getting quality services from us does not mean that you end up paying more. Our rates are very friendly. We do not charge you a registration fee or an agency fee, which lowers our rates quite significantly. Also, you only pay for the time the maid is working for you. The cost can be tailor made depending on the services you require and the hours you need the services. If you check around, you will discover that we are the most affordable part time maid agency in Singapore. Make a point of trying our services today and we guarantee that you will not regret it.


Singaporeans are experiencing an increase of stress and pressure in their busy schedules; they find it a challenge in coping with their working life, family and other chores at home, thus, they tend to neglect their duties in keeping their house clean and tidy. As the period of time grow longer, the clutters in the house will build up and the whole house will be in total mess. Hence, engaging a part time maid or cleaner will solve the issue.

General house cleaner, part time maid and general housekeeper are basically some term logy that describe this service industry which cater to corporate firms, individuals like home owner and lastly any associations.

In the older era, these kind of house cleaning services only cater for those big and influential house owner or businesses, but in this modern era, any middle income families that can afford will also engage this housekeeping help. Part time maids in general they provide all household chores however not restricting to washing of clothes, cooking of meals, clothes ironing, shopping for grocery, general house cleaning and even babysitting. Some maids that are trained or have experience in healthcare will also help to look after any elderly or any handicapped person in the family.

The idea of maid services will vary through country to country, culture to culture and depending on the desired situations. Ideally, the important point of engaging part time maid services is to get the extra help to settle the daily household chores.
The greatest benefit of engaging a part time maid from Maid Company is that they can provide as many part maids for your house depending on your requirements. With those extra help from the maid, your life will be much easier.

Engaging individual housekeepers as your part time maid, there are also some risk involved. You may not get to know the maid well before she commerce her job in your house. There might not be enough time for you to do a background check in a nick of time. I would advise always get a part time maid or housekeeper from a legalised maid company which will give you much assurance and security that the maid will do her job well in your house. Legalised Maid Company also will do all the assurance check on their entire employed maid's background and also will conduct occasionally drug testing to see if the maid is addicted to any drugs during the employment.

Furthermore, engaging a part time maid with a legalise maid company also beneficial you that if any mishaps happen during the course of housecleaning in your house, the maid will be insured against the maid company's insurance protection. Proper training and guidance will be given to the part time maid or cleaner by the maid company to ensure they would know how to operate those home appliances before they started to work on those appliances in your home.

To conclude, engaging a professional maid from a maid company will ensure that your life will be lightened and burden freed from those household chores.

Where Can I Find Part Time Maid With No Agent Fee?

Most people consider hiring professional cleaning services a luxury that is not worth spending money on. There are however many benefits to this services and some of them will be mentioned in this article. There is an endless list of companies offering home cleaning services but selecting the right one can be quite a challenge. What you are looking for is a company that offers exemplary services at an attractive price. Here are some tips on where to find part time maid no agent fee services in Singapore.
Part Time Maid with No Agent Fee
Benefits Of Working With a Part Time Maid No Agent Fee Service Provider

One of the most notable benefits of working with cleaning service provider with no agent fees is the chance you are offered to save money. Agent fees can add up to hundreds of dollars each year, making this service very expensive to some people. When working with a part time maid no agent fee services, you are saving yourself all this trouble and can get the services at an affordable price.

Another benefit of working with a part time maid service with no agent fee is the fact that you won't have to spend more money accommodating the staff in your house. Just as the name suggests, the people sent over to your home to clean and carry out other chores are only there on a temporary basis. At the end of the day, each one of them will go back to their own homes, saving you the trouble of having to spend more on their food and sleep.

If one or more of the staff sent over to you were to breach your contract in any way, the company that sent them over would be the ones responsible for repairing any damages caused. Most of these services are insured meaning any occurrences will be covered.

Where Can I Find Part Time Maid With No Agent Fee in Singapore?

There are many places you can go looking for part time maid no agent fee services but the best has got to be the internet. The internet offers you the opportunity to skim through different company websites and finally decide which ones best suit your needs. From the internet you might be able to save a lot of money on the services by locating a company that has the best to offer at the most attractive price.

Another great way you can find part time maid services is by calling a friend or relative. There will always be someone that has worked with these services in the past that can direct you to a company they think will serve you well. The best part about getting this information from a friend or relative is the fact that they won't be biased in any way. Some websites will put up satisfied-customers fake reviews just to lure you in to do business. This is not the case with friends or relatives and you can be sure to find a great cleaning company to work with.

Singapore is known to host some of the most reputable cleaning companies in all of Asia. Here you can easily locate a service provider with good services at a friendly price.

E Home Services ™ is one of the leading cleaning companies in Singapore with years of experience in the industry. This is a one stop shop where all your needs will be catered for.
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