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How Often Should We Service Our Air Conditioner In Singapore?

Air Conditioners are a very sturdy piece of machinery. It is manufactured in a way to withstand all the weather conditions throughout the year to keep running continuously. This tends to make the owners believe that it won't need servicing once installed. The truth is only a regular servicing of aircon would maintain the optimum utilization of the unit.

Why Aircon Servicing Necessary?

An air conditioner loses about 5% of its efficiency every year of its operation. With regular servicing, the efficiency can be maintained up to 95% of its original efficiency. A higher efficiency means better cooling, lower electricity bills, and avoiding cost of future repair. Air conditioner units that are not maintained regularly use more electricity for its operations leading to higher power bills when compared to ones that are regularly maintained. Also, an aircon unit not serviced on a regular basis will not be able to cool effectively. In that case, the quality of air maintained in the room will be questionable.

Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Generally, the servicing of aircon depends on how it is being used and the environment it is being used in. Ideally once a year servicing is sufficient for the latest built aircon units. However, in Singapore, which has been hot all the seasons, the air conditioners turned-on all round the year. Being an island country, air conditioners tend to suck in salt and airborne grit especially in areas located near to the sea. It makes the cooling very unwanted and can be dangerous for people, affecting their health.
Aircon Servicing In Progress
To avoid major repairs and have your aircon unit running safely, it is highly essential you should make a contract with an aircon servicing company that would handle the year round maintenance. Besides other things, the servicing should include checking of the coolant level. The level of coolant is a major factor contributing to the efficiency of the aircon's operation.

You can take your own steps to ensure effective running of your cooling system. Get good quality air filters and change them on a regular basis as suggested by the manufacturer. Clean the air vents regularly. Keep the temperature of the air conditioner to its most efficient. Normally, the aircons perform at its maximum efficiency at the temperature 23 degree celcius.

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How Often Should Be the Aircon Servicing?

In a city like Singapore, where there is no winter and always hot with temperature more than 30 degree celcius as well as the humidity crossing over 75%, it is very difficult to make a living without air conditioners. To make your aircon run at its maximum efficiency, it is advised to service your aircon once every 3 months without fail.

If you are using air conditioners for commercial purpose, it is recommended to have it serviced once every month. It will avoid major complications, breakdown, need for major repairs, high electricity bills, and help to prolong the life span of the air conditioner unit as well as keep the cooling efficient, maintaining your level of comfort. For peace and comfort, it is highly advised to have your aircon unit serviced regularly.

Aircon Servcing
There is plenty of Air Conditioner Service Company around in Singapore and sometimes, you might have a hard decision deciding on which to choose. Truth to speak, many of us would choose the company that provides the lowest service rate. Unfortunately, sometimes we end up paying more for the damages than getting the air conditioner units serviced well. Therefore, be warned that you should only select a trustworthy and reliable company rather than focusing only on the cost of it. Look through the comments left by previous customers and usually a new service company might not be as experienced as the older ones. Always be warn of aircon servicing offered by discount deals site, more than often those $12 to $15 aircon servicing are not as effective as those offering real aircon services.

Different air conditioner units have their own requirements and techniques to service. Basically, normal cleaning should be done once every three months and chemical cleaning should be done at least once a year. This applies for both ceiling and wall mounted units. Nowadays, many air conditioning service companies came up with valued contract which means that consumers can now get discounts if they sign up the yearly contracts with the company. Some of the companies even offer deals such as one free servicing after every three for their yearly contracts. Isnt this worth the money?

Before your air conditioning unit worsen today, you should quickly service it. This could prevent future breakdowns and other problems as time goes by. Last but not least, you should also be aware of the warranty period too.

What Is Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

If you have an aircon system in your house, you know very well that maintaining it is crucial. The fact that this machine runs throughout the year almost every second makes it one of the most important home appliances. This also means that could cost you a lot of money if proper handling is not done. The aircon could develop a lot of problems some visible and others that are not. The visible problems will lead to a mechanical breakdown that can be repaired using a professional. The unseen issues are the worst and will cost you more money in terms of energy bills and are the ones that will most often end up in a serious break down. Maintaining our aircon will need cleaning and regular observation. Getting professionals o do this is your best bet if you know little or nothing about aircons. This will save you the pain of losing your aircon on incompetency. It will also ensure that you get the best services to slash your energy bills exponentially.
Chemical Overhaul on Aircon
One of the best ways to maintain your aircon system is by using aircon chemical cleaning. This is the most effective way to clean out the aircon. A chemical was will need to be done every 6 months so as to keep your system running optimally. The aircon machine will collect a lot of dirt with time from the house and any other surrounding environment. This dust will collect in different parts of the machine that are hidden. Some of these will also cling to the machine and will not come out without proper procedure being carried out. This is the first step into saving your electricity bills.

The cleaning will deal with any greasy and filthy deposits, smells and odors that are emanating from the machine. The moldy deposits will affect the machine in a number of ways including reducing the efficiency of the aircon machine. The heat and the cold changes in the machine also cause a very nauseating smell. An aircon that runs in a faulty manner is worse than a baby that was you up in the middle of the night. A chemical wash has to be done by professionals so as to increase the lifespan of the appliance. The other reason why you need professionals for this is the fact that many machine today come with an intelligence system that needs careful attention. The lack of proper care when going through this process could damage your hefty investment permanently leading to more money being spent on repairs.

There is nothing as annoying as an aircon that has broken down. There are a number of companies that offer the services. E Home Services Aircon  in Singapore is an ideal place to start for your heating and cooling services. Aircon chemical cleaning is their fields of expertise keeping your home is the best shape when it comes to ambient temperatures and conditions. Their services are reliable, fast and effective. They bare the ideal way to save money on your energy bills at home and in the office thanks to the aircon cleaning services.

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