Why My Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On & Off By Itself?

Aircon Automatic turn on and off by itself
Why My Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On & Off By Itself?

Aircon turning on and off by itself? Air conditioners in Singapore are a 'need rather than a want' in each and every home or office. The climate in Singapore is hot and humid thus you find yourself sweating, perspiring and your shirt clinging to your body due to sweat in addition to a very hot air surrounding and engulfing you. The air conditioner installed in the house or office, changes this by providing a cool fantastic breeze that is very comforting. In such a situation, any breakdown of your air conditioner can be very irritating.

There are many reasons that might cause your air conditioner in Singapore to keep turning itself on and off. However, before indulging in any aircon repair, or replacement you should try to establish the actual cause of the problem, since it might be a simple fault that is repairable at home. To really understand and be able to perform the air conditioner repair through do it yourself (DIY) process, you need to know its basic components or parts. The air conditioning system consists of the evaporating unit, expansion valve, the compressor and the condensing unit among others that include the on board filter and thermostat.

One of the causes of the air conditioner switching itself on and off in Singapore is the accumulation of dirt on the compressor. The dirt acts as a barrier to the ejection of the heat produced by the compressor to the surroundings, making it raise its temperature and pressure. The combination of the two, trips or breaks, the circuit resulting to unexpected aircon shut down.

The breaking, or tripping of the circuit is a safety measure aimed at protecting the air conditioner parts from damage due to high temperatures and pressure. Once the air conditioner is off for some time, the compressor cools and gains lower temperatures making it reboots or switches on to normal performance. To stop the frequent self aircon on and off oscillations, you need to frequently perform the aircon servicing by removing the coil and cleaning it using hose pipe water.

The second reason that contributes to the automatic turning the aircon on and off is the presence of a faulty component or components. A spoilt electronic circuit board in the air conditioner; it controls the fan unit, could lead to the frequent unpredicted shutdowns and reboots. Other faulty air conditioner components may also cause the turning of the aircon on and off. The damaged air conditioner parts other than the circuit board, will lead to the malfunctioning of the circuit board and the overloading of the thermal breaker thus it trips often. This problem can be nibbed early by performing frequent aircon servicing even when its working optimally. However, if it reaches the stage of switching itself on and off, then you must take it for aircon repair.

Sometimes, the aircon on and off problem is neither caused by the dirt on the compressor, nor the malfunctioning of its components. The problem may be artificially caused by erratic setting by another person than you. One of the users might have set the air conditioner to switch on and off at random, thus it does not need to be taken to an aircon repair technician. In air conditioners that undergo regular aircon servicing, the settings may be noticed and adjusted in good time.
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