6 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

Air Conditioner can be considered as one of the most important items in Singapore. If you live in this country, you need the best air conditioning unit in your houses or offices. You need to install a good air conditioner or aircon in order to cool down the temperature in your room. In some cases, you may find that your aircon is not cold. Keep reading this article to find out top 6 reasons why your aircon is not cold.

Aircon Not cold

1. Dirty air filter
This is the first reason why your aircon not cold anymore. The best air conditioner unit should have good air filter system in order to flow cool air effectively. Your aircon unit is not able to cool your rooms effectively when the air filter is not maintained properly. Because of that reason, you should check or clean the air filter regularly in order to avoid this problem in the future.

2. Frozen condenser
Condenser is another important part in the aircon unit. This condition is another factor that can cause your aircon not cold anymore. When the condenser is frozen, the aircon is not able to work effectively to cool your rooms. Try to do some basic maintenance process in order to prevent this condition to happen in the future. In some cases, you might need to call the best air conditioner service company in order to fix this problem.

3. Leaked refrigerant
This is considered as the most common problem that is suffered by people in this country. This problem can cause your air conditioner unit cannot work properly to cool your room. When you know that you have leaked refrigerant, you should replace this item with the new one. Many experts believe that replacing the leaked refrigerant is better and easier than fixing it.

4. Dirty evaporator
Evaporator is very important to change the hot air into the cool air inside the airconditioner unit. When you have dirty evaporator in the system, the unit is not able to work properly. You should clean all parts inside your aircon unit, including this evaporator. Cleaning this evaporator is very important to remove all debris or dusts from your devices.

5. Incorrect aircon size
This is another usual problem that may happen in Singapore. Many people choose small aircon unit for their big rooms. That is the reason why their aircon is not cold anymore. It is recommended that you choose the right unit size, so you can cool your rooms effectively. Measure you room precisely before choosing the best aircon unit for your house.

6. Broken thermostat
Thermostat is one of the most important parts in an aircon unit. This item is used to control the temperature of your airconditioner unit. When this simple item is broken, your airconditioner unit cannot work properly. As the result, it is not able to cool your rooms effectively. When your aircon unit is not cold anymore, you should check this item inside your system.

Those are the top 6 reasons why your aircon is not cold. If you want to have fast and quick solution for your airconditioner problems, you should find the best aircon service company. There are a lot of companies operating in Singapore. Finding the best one is very important in order to avoid any problems in the future. One of the best aircon service companies in Singapore is called as Absolute Solutions. You can visit their websites at They are ready to help you fix all aircon problems, especially when your aircon not cold.

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