How Often Should We Service Our Air Conditioner Condenser?

Use of air conditioners or ACs is increasing day by day. With the advent of new innovations and more versatile designs the utility of the product is increasing rapidly. Modern day Air Conditioners are not restricted in heat maintenance services only, but these have become multitasking machines used in different sectors like manufacturing industries, commercial areas, hospitals, hotels and above all in households.

Air Conditioners not only help in maintaining standard temperature in the room but also immensely helpful in keeping hygienic atmosphere. In some situations, particularly in manufacturing industry and hospitals or biological research centers uses of Air Conditioners are inevitable. Technical innovations in this field have also enabling the manufacturers to add more features into these machines which in fact making them more intelligent and stylish.

Aircon Condenser Servicing

Purpose of the condenser:

The purpose of a condenser in the process of compression refrigeration cycle is to change the hot gas which is discharged from the compressor into a liquid prepared for the use in the evaporator. The condenser completes this action by the rejection of heat from the hot gas ensuring its condensation at a prefixed pressure leveled in the condenser. The heat is then transferred to a medium, like water or air, to cool the condenser.

Working procedure of Air Conditioners:

Air Conditioners are complex machines where a definite process is used to cool the temperature of the rooms. The air inside a room is cooled through the process of refrigeration cycle. In this process a pump transfers heat from a lower temperature heat zone to a higher temperature heat sink, i.e. the excess heat is absorbed from the room and pushed away. Alternatively, comparatively cold air is pushed into the room. Thus the whole temperature of the room in decreased. In air conditioning through refrigeration system three basic steps are followed:

- The indoor heat is transferred to the refrigerant.
- Compressor drives the heat to the condenser.
- The condenser rejects heat in to a medium either air or water.

Types of Condensers:

Varieties of condensers are used in Air Conditioners. Here are the most common condensers:

The most common condenser that is in use is air cooled condenser. Here again, the condenser rejects the internal heat outside. In air cooled condensers the following parts play the most vital role:

- Condenser fan blade
- Condenser motor
- Condenser Coils

The other type of condenser which is vastly used is water cooled condenser, where the internal heat of a room is rejected in water. There are four types of water cooled condensers available-

- Double tube condenser-
In this type of condenser water is flown through the tube and the refrigerant is flown through the annular space in between the tubes.

- Double pipe condenser-
In this system the tubes are placed horizontally one after another to form a vertical structure.

- Shell and tube condenser-
It's made of large number of tubes located in the steel shell. Here water flows inside and vapor flows around the tube.

- Shell and coil condenser-
This is made up of copper coil located in a steel shell. Water passes through the coil. The compressor discharges the refrigerant vapor, thus condensing on the outside of the cold tubes.

Problems occur in condenser:

Thus it's very much evident that the in any aircon, condenser is the most vital part of the entire cooling and refreshing machine. Due to regular use of the machine and continuous exchange of air, the Air Conditioner becomes weaker and dirtier over the passage of time. The condenser needs periodical servicing to maintain its high performance level. The user should make it mandatory; otherwise the entire machine may start to dysfunction.

A condenser may face many types of problems which need immediate servicing. On the other hand, periodical maintenance also keeps the condenser free from problems too.

Here are three main reasons those create problems in a condenser:

Since the condenser normally located outside the room or building, this part of the Air Conditioner is always susceptible to getting dirt and dust. Many other types of debris like dry leaves from nearby trees, sticks, gravels and stones of various sizes deposit into this part continuously. Though the condenser remains covered with a ventilated cabinet, the fine dust and dirt passes into the system considerably. In case of bigger pores in the cabinet all the above mentioned debris enter into the condenser unhindered. Any foreign object entering inside the condenser may damage the parts like the motor, belts, fan blades etc thus impairing the operation of the Air Conditioner.

Leaking of refrigerant: This is a very common problem that hinders smooth functioning of an aircon system. The condenser, i.e. the outer part of the machine in connected with the inner part of the machine through a thin tube that continuously circulates the refrigerant from condenser to the compressor and vice versa. As such, the linking tube plays very vital role in keeping the cooling system fully operative. If due to any reason, the tube is leaked the entire system is jeopardized. Hissing sound from the machine, liquid drops on the floor just below the machine, frost outside the unit are all signs of leaking in the pipe.

Electrical faults: The entire Air Conditioner machine is consisted of smaller electrical devices that are connected to one another. Electricity powers the motor of the condenser which in turn operates the fan and the compressor. The electrical wearing inside the motor and outside of it or the capacitor may malfunction due to many reasons. If electrical circuits or the units start malfunctioning, the condenser starts malfunctioning too.

Apart from these three major problems, there may occur, many other sudden problems too. The inside and outside units of the Air Conditioner is so perfectly adjusted with each other that the slightest disturbance in any part of the condenser leads to lower level of performance of the entire machine. In extreme situation the Air Conditioner may stop operating completely or give poor output resulting in higher electrical consumption and below standard output. So serving aircon conditioner is needed periodically, at least once in a year. In highly polluted areas it's better to call the technician more than once in a year. The users also need to learn the basic servicing procedures, which in fact enable the user to repair minor faults without calling the technicians frequently.

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