Why Do Aircon Have Water Leaking Problem?

Air-con is not an unfamiliar term used in Singapore. I would say that almost 90% of household in Singapore have an aircon system. Singapore is a hot and humid country all day round the year. Air-con in Singapore had become a necessities rather than a luxury item. Basically you can encountered or feel the presence of air conditioner when you walk into any shopping malls or restaurants.
However, do you know the actual work flow of the air-con? Many Singaporeans complained that their air-con leak water often and they have no idea in fixing that problem. In this article, you can get an idea of what causes those leakages.

What is the primary function of an air-con? Its primary function is to remove any moisture in the air of your room to provide us a feeling of coolness. Through this processes, they produce water. You may wonder how much water they will produce. I would say it’s greatly dependable upon your humidity in your room, how big is your air-con, your air-con working efficiency, lastly whether your air-con was installed properly.

The moisture in your room was sucked during the process to the cooling coil and condenses into the air-con base and flow to the pipe connects to the back of air-con. Air-con fan blade will lift some of the water to cool the heating coil. Those water normally flow to the back of the air-con and will usually be discharged to the ground through the pipe.
Aircon Water Leaking
That is how the work flow should be if your air-con is working correctly.

1. Installation done incorrectly
Window air-con normally will have the water leakage problem more than a wall mounted air-con. Window air-con must install slightly lower at the back than the front. Water was then being discharged from your room to drain to the rear of your condenser. Improper installation is due to the hastiness and to get away the heat. Water will flow back to the room if is fix too low at the front or if is fix too low at the back, water will leak out at the front sides before it reaches the exit near the back piping.

2. Ice forming
De-humidification will usually be taken place throughout the whole air-con operation process. When you see ice forming up, it will meant that your aircon cooling system is having problem. Many reasons can relate for an aircon to form ice. How to identify whether you air-con is really forming ice? Take out your front grille while your air-con is still running, if your cooling coil is forming ice, it is confirmed that you need a professional help in serving your air-con.

3. Leaking of air around air-con
Air-con will have cooler and dryer air if warm air is able to infiltrate into it. Condensation will take place if these criteria are met. Always check if there is any dripping from the air-con unit or any water droplets are clinging to your air-con front portion. How to test? Run your air-con for 25 minutes and use a mini torch to inspect under your air-con front side of the base. If you saw tiny water droplets, this shows that your air-con is having an air leakage.

4. Trap floor blocked
Back of air-con base normally has a pipe to connect to a trap floor which allow condensed vapour to drain out. If you suspect that the trap floor is block, I would advise you to engage a professional to help you. As the pipe are being trunked into a casing hence, doing a check on your own may damage your air-con.

5. Pipe blockage
There pipes behind that air-con casing that enable water to flow out from front of air-con to the back. If those pipes are choked, water will started to gather and will cause the leakage. In this situation, air-con will required a chemical overhaul.
In summary, it will be wise to engage a quarterly service on your air-con units thus to prevent any other expenses to service and maintenance your air-con.

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