Why My Aircon Blowing Warm Air?

Reasons For Aircon Warm Air
Aircon blowing warm or hot air? Air-con is a familiar term for people in Singapore because most households in this country have an air-con system. The climate in Singapore is highly humid and hot all day around a year. Therefore, air-con is not a luxury in this country, but it is a necessity. So, you can imagine the discomfort when your aircon produce warm air. It occurs due to a number of reasons. Some problems can be checked by yourself. However, you need the help of a professional for fixing your air conditioner if the problem is very serious.

Aircon warm air

1. Dirty Air Filter
This is the major problem for aircon warm air. Unrestricted air flow is essential for the proper functioning of an air conditioner. If an air filter is dirty, air flow will be choked off to the coil. It will adversely affect the functioning of the system. So, you need to change your filters once in 30-60 days. Excessive dirt in filter blocks the flow of air.

2. Damages in Outdoor Condensing Unit
In order to compress a refrigerant, proper functioning of outside AC condensing unit is a must. This is also essential for cooling the air properly. If your air-con produce warm air, check the outside unit and ensure that it is running properly. It may stop working due to the tripping of a breaker.

It can also occur due to a bad compressor. If the problem is very complex, you need the help of an experienced aircon repair professional to correct it. A professional aircon servicing company can check whether you need a new condensing unit outside or need a replacement of the condenser. Sometimes, the problem can be solved only by changing outside condensing unit fully.

The coils, which surround a unit, can restrict the airflow if the compressor is overheated. It happens due to the excessive dirt accumulating in these coils. A compressor is a large component in your AC. It is responsible for compressing and controlling the flow of refrigerant through cooling circuit. Replacing a compressor is not a simple task. You need the help of an efficient professional to do it. He must also have the license to handle such complex jobs.

3. Low on Refrigerant
Leak is the other major problem for aircon warm air. It can occur even if it is as small as a pinhole. The cost of recharging a home AC depends fully on the leak. While solving this problem, a professional will consider various factors, which include the amount of refrigerant in a central air system.

4. Lack of Proper Maintenance
If you fail to maintain your AC system on time, it will reduce the life of it. You need to check the condensing unit time to time. It is also essential to ensure that the cooling fins are clean and straight. The AC unit must sit the level on its pad. You can solve a large number of problems relating to your AC unit if you check it time to time. A dirty coil reduces the efficiency of your AC. The system must be repaired twice in a year.
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