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Some of us may not understand what upholstery and furniture cleaning is about? Does it mean that only big houses with many furniture or only offices would resort to this cleaning solution? The answer is no, some of us may be very experienced in cleaning our homes but sometimes we realize that there are stains or dirt which we cannot remove it away from our furniture such as sofa and mattress. These are the most troublesome cleaning because the surface area is too big and wide and we do not have the strength, time, right techniques, skills or knowledge to clean them in the proper manner.

Firstly, sofas are not cheap and we would like to buy the best quality ones that could last for a long time without replacing a new one. Most people would think that sofas need not be maintained on a regular basis.

In fact, sofas collect the most dirt and dust because it is exposed in the living room and many people may come in contact with it. If it is not maintained regularly, the life span of your sofas would be extremely short. In the worst scenario, your loved ones might even get infected by the germs and fall sick. It is a wise choice to get your sofas cleaned after a few months.

Just a small tip, do let your upholstery Cleaning Company know what kind of fabric your sofas are made of, because different materials require different techniques and equipments.

Secondly, mattresses are important because we spend about seven to eight hours lying on it to replenish our energy to battle for the next day. The majority would think that cleaning the mattresses is not any tough job, it easy to say and difficult to do.

Mattresses are usually covered by bed sheets and blankets; therefore, this would not be the first thing that comes to our minds which needs to be cleaned thoroughly every now and then.

Some of us may encounter this situation when we spilled our drinks or any liquid on the mattresses, and if it not cleaned it the right manner the liquid would slip into the mattress and it starts to smell. Some people may resort to the traditional ways by using lemon to remove the smell but this is just a short term solution because germs are still there and they cannot be seen by the naked eyes.

In summary, if you want a long term solution to your sofa and mattress cleaning, do approach the professionals for help.

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