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Need a one stop solution for all of your home services? E marketing & home services is the right place you have been searching for. We believe in providing the best services for our consumers and satisfying their needs. Besides that, our company is MOM licensed.
We provide services such as:

1. Air conditioning Services (Installation and repair works included)
2. House cleaning for your residential areas or offices
3. Painting services
4. 24 hours plumbing services
5. Curtains, blinds, wallpapers
6. House moving services
7. Installation of kitchen cabinets
8. Carpet cleaning for residential areas and offices

Now, here are some brief details about the different kind of services we are providing:

Firstly for our air conditioning servicing, we have very experienced technicians who are always ready and available to service and solve the problems of your air conditioning units. They can handle all situations easily, from servicing your air conditioning units to installation and repair works.

Secondly for our part time cleaners, they are all professionally trained and also very trustworthy. In our company’s policy, we strictly do not hire illegal or foreigners cleaners. All of our cleaners are local Singaporeans; we provide cleaners in all kinds of races, Indian, Malay and Chinese. This is also to ensure that there is no form of any miscommunications between our consumers and cleaners. Trust us with a cleaner environment to live or work in.

Thirdly for our painting services, we do not hire foreign painters to paint your house. All of our painters are local Singaporeans. We will provide you with the best quotation and minimum time to complete the painting works. We use the best painting materials to paint your residential area or even offices. Our painters are all professionally trained; they have been in this line for years. You can also rely on them to choose the colours and designs you want.

Next, our plumbers are 24 hours on standby to service any of your kitchen sinks, toilet bowl chokes and more. So fret not, even this happens in the middle of the night just give us a buzz and we will appear at your doorsteps to fix the problem.

Following that, our company also does installation for curtains, blinds and wallpapers. We will provide you with a free onsite quotation and also advise you on the quality and type of curtains or roller blinds that are suitable for your homes and offices. During the onsite quotation, you can also requests for samples to refer; we will be more than happy to provide you with the samples.

Next, we also provide professional house moving services. Let us know your budget and we will try to arrange for you. If your financial budget is tight, we may advise you to do the partial packing service which means that you will have to pack your own items and we will only do the transportation for you. In conclusion, we are providing different kind of services within our customers’ budgets.

Lastly for the carpet cleaning service which our company is providing, we are using the most popular method which is known as the steam cleaning or hot water extraction. For this method, hoses will be attached to the truck mounted to run through the areas that is needed to be clean. Hot cleaning solution will also be injected into the carpet to remove the dirt easily. This is the best method to remove soil stains because of the high temperature used.

Save the trouble of finding so many other contractors or companies to fix and repair your homes and offices for you, call us today and we will solve all of your problems. You can just relax and wait for all the desirable results.


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