How To Prevent Aedes Mosquito?

The Aedes mosquito is the dengue virus carrier. Once a mosquito has bitten an infected person, it picks it up and the virus remains in its body. After biting another individual, the virus is transmitted and the person comes down with either dengue or dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is fatal. The Aedes mosquitoes are very common in Singapore.

The symptoms of the dengue fever include skin rashes, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, joint pains, body aches, throbbing headache and fever, which can last a maximum of 7 days. Complete recovery from the fever could take 30 days. The dengue hemorrhagic fever is a very severe type with similar symptoms. It comes with serious nose bleeding, gum bleeding, internal organs bleeding and bleeding into the skin.

Aedes Mosquito

To prevent dengue fever related complications and halting its spread, the breeding of Aedes mosquito has to be controlled. You can identify the mosquito with ease through its conspicuous white and black strips on its body. The mosquito likes breeding in stagnant but clean water easily found in most Singaporean homes. If you can remove and check stagnant water frequently in your home, the mosquito can be destroyed.

There is no treatment or vaccine for dengue fever caused by Aedes mosquito and making sure stagnant water around the home has been replaced or rid as frequently as possible will help. The pest control can begin in pails, flower vases and flowerpot plates collecting water at home and areas Aedes mosquitoes love breeding in. You can change water in the flower bowls and vases everyday while ensuring flowerpot plates remain dry. Watering cans and pails can be placed facing upside down to prevent them from collecting water.

Whether you are using a pest control company or doing it yourself, cover all bamboo pole holders any time they are in use to prevent them from trapping rain water. No receptacle should be placed below or on air-conditioning unit. Roof gutters and drains should be cleared of silt and leaves to avoid clogging, ending up in stagnant water build up.

All the items and containers that can hold water must be stored properly and kept dry. Sand granular type of insecticide can be used to kill the Aedes mosquito larvae in water.

If you are planning a holiday or vacation for a longer period of time, take enough measure to make sure there is zero water stagnation. Toilet bowls and gully traps must be covered well with flower bowls and vases removed.

Aedes mosquitoes do not feed at night but during the day and an insect repellent can be applied across all exposed body parts. For added prevention and protection, spray a quality insecticide in all the dark corners around the home, for instance behind curtains, under the sofa or bed.

Before embarking on pest control missions around the home, you might want to use professionals who are able to analyze every area of your home and come up with a lasting strategy of keeping every member of the home safe from dengue fever. You will receive the advice you need to accomplish the most desired results.
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