What Are The Advantages Of Sending Your Clothes For Dry Cleaning?

The advantages of dry cleaning your laundry as opposed to using other convectional methods are plenty. In essence, dry cleaning involves the use of special cleaners and solvents that essentially removes stain and dirt from your clothes. The different between a dry cleaning machine and your laundry machine at home is that your washing machine uses water while the latter does not. The process of dry cleaning is pretty simple; the clothes are rotated in a machine where solvents are able to remove any stain or dirt trapped in the garment.

Dry cleaning

More importantly, the reason why such cleaning is preferred compared to water based laundry machines is that the method is effective in removing tough stains like oil or grease, which your typical laundry machine may fail to accomplish. Additionally, the method helps preserve clothing or garment made from natural fibers like silk, wool, or polyester which may essentially lose the luster if repeatedly washed in water. Moreover, professional's dry cleaners have extensive knowledge of fabrics thus can rightly take of your clothing no matter how delicate the fibers of your clothing are.

A majority of Singaporeans are busy lot and as a result, finding sufficient time to do laundry at home is increasingly becoming unfeasible. Dry cleaning not only saves your precious time but is also a convenient method of taking care of tasks you would consider tiring and stressful. If you are contemplating taking your clothes to a dry cleaner but you are unsure of such a move, then here are several additional benefits of dry cleaning to sway your mind.

More benefits of dry cleaning

Less abrasive
The dry cleaning process is less abrasive compared to laundry machines at home which can essentially wear down your garments in the long term. Additionally, if you happen to use the wrong detergent or bleach then you might damage your clothes completely.

Dry cleaned shirts

Water less
Dry cleaning doesn't use water meaning your garments colors remain intact. Additionally, dry cleaning prevents clothes from shrinking thus prevent the possibility of your clothes size being altered.
When you send your clothes to a dry cleaner your clothes are not only cleaned but they are also ironed and folded to prevent wrinkling. Most dry cleaners pay attention to detail when it comes to taking care of clothes ensuring that you look smart and polished.

Extensive knowledge of fabrics
The disadvantage of using laundry machines at home is that you may not be able to predict how a particular fabric will respond when immersed in water and soap. Plenty of delicate fabrics essentially get damaged in the long term when subjected to water. Most dry cleaners have requisite knowledge of different fabrics thus ensuring that your garments remain in perfect condition after cleaning is done.

Lastly, Dry cleaners are effective in removing odors that your home laundry machine may fall short of accomplishing. Odors like smoke might prove difficult to remove if you are using a water based laundry machines. In nutshell; dry cleaners use powerful solvents that eliminates all kind of dirt, stains and odors from your clothing or attire.
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