How To Clean Roller Blinds?

How To Clean Roller Blinds In Singapore? : A Guide For The Homeowners

Want to learn how to clean roller blinds? Using curtains and blinds at home in Singapore has become an absolute necessity now. These household items are not considered as beautifying items anymore. Rather, they're being used for protective and maintenance purposes these days. The advanced roller blinds can keep you house calm and maintain your privacy just as you want. For the homeowners these roller blinds are just like the crowning glory of their homes.

In Singapore, most homeowners are getting these items for preparing cozy, modern interior. Let's explore how you can clean roller blinds in Singapore like a pro and retain the brightness and colors in these exclusive, designer items.

DIY cleaning roller type blinds at home in Singapore: a guide for the homeowners

Tip #1 You will need laundry detergent, toothbrush, warm water and bleach to clean the blinds. If you are not worried about color-damages, you can use bleaching powder and make your blind lighter. First, you will need to mix a cup of laundry detergent with warm water in a sink or tank. Wait for few minutes and prepare a homogenous mixture properly. You can use bleaches if you're not worried about color-damages.
Cleaning Roller Blinds
Tip #2 Open your blinds from the roller and soak them deep into the water in the tank/sink. Now, you should wait for a while and rinse the water using a toothbrush. Most parts of the blinds will become clean almost instantly. Once the blinds are cleaned, you should pay attention to the dirtier parts of the blinds using a toothbrush. Rub those dirty spots carefully and clean all those spots to clean up these items.

Tip #3 After a few hours, you have to pull out those pieces from the sink and inspect cleaning. If you still notice some dirty spots, soak them back in water and keep for another 2/3 hours. Once they're cleaned properly, hang and allow them to get dried.

Hiring a cleaner in Singapore: why you need to hire a professional to clean your roller blinds

* Professional cleaners are highly concerned about the materials of your curtains and blinds. They use special detergent powders to prevent the exclusive materials from damages. Hiring a professional cleaner will help you save money and time ensuring the best cleaning quality and services.

* You don't have to do anything if you've hired a cleaner. Even you won't need to get your blinds off the rollers. Just call them, ask for a special quote and the rest is done by the professional cleaners. They'll also make sure that every single spot is removed from the curtains and blinds.
Roller blinds in Singapore
* These cleaning professionals in Singapore have convenient pricing for the house owners. They offer special pricing for commercial interiors too! Ask for special quotes or call these experts for onsite inspection as well. They will come with special offers and discounts for operating at your house.

* These professional housecleaning providers will protect your roller blinds from damages. They will be responsible for repairing these items if necessary. If you're cleaning these items by yourself at home, you might damage the sophisticated parts and damage an entire roller blind piece.

You will need a lot of time to clean roller blinds at home by yourself. If you're a busy corporate, it's definitely not a great idea to pass a day-off cleaning these items. Find a reliable, professional and experienced cleaning service provider to help you clean the blinds at an affordable price.

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