What Are The Health Issues Associated With Dirty Carpet?

Some people disregard the importance of regular carpet cleaning procedures. This is simply because they think that hiring professional carpet cleaners or even cleaning it by themselves is a luxury that only the rich can afford. They forget that this procedure is not only for how their houses will look but it is also for their health benefits. Dirty carpets are not only unpleasant to the eye and to the nose but they are also bad for one's health. The following are some of the health issues or problems associated with dirty carpets and why it is important to clean or get your carpet cleaned regularly.

This is among the things that homeowners should be afraid of. It is a form of fungi that grows on damp places. There pores can get airborne which in turn can cause allergy to humans and other animals. To human beings, the effects of mould vary according to individual bodies but to extreme cases they can result to death. Moulds do grow on the unexposed part of the carpet especially if the floor is damp and as such it is important to get your carpet cleaned regularly.

Ditry Carpet Health Issues

Athlete's foot
This is yet another health problem associated with dirty carpets. Although it is not a life threatening condition, athlete' foot can be embarrassing itchy and generally uncomfortable to individuals suffering from it. It can be caused by germs that could be flourishing on the surface of a dirty carpet. This condition can be completely uncomfortable especially when it comes to wearing closed shoes.

Studies show that a damp and dirty carpet can cause asthma. This is a condition that is caused by tiny particles that lead to allergic reactions in the respiratory system in the body. Although this disease is not life threatening, it can be very bad inconvenience to individuals suffering from it.

Dust mites
Uncleaned carpets tend to be the best breeding grounds for dust mites. These mites feed on fungi, human dead skin cells and bacteria that are found on dirty carpets. Some people are allergic to these mites especially when they die. They can cause nose and eye irritation and in extreme cases they can cause skin rashes.

Mycotoxins are found in buildings and carpets that are dirty and have plenty of mould. These toxins can cause serious health issues including stomach infections, reduced body immune system and allergy. These can cause big health problems if not treated quickly. Therefore it is very important to ensure that you carry out regular carpet cleaning procedures to ensure that you and your family members are free from these health problems.

In summary the above health issues can only be avoided if you carry out a thorough carpet cleaning procedure. If you can not effectively carry out this procedure by your self you can seek the help of professional carpet cleaning service providers. These people will ensure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and treated to ensure that your home is free from the above health issues and problems.
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