Can Aircon Improve The Air Quality In Our Home?

Having an aircon is a necessity in Singapore as the place is known for its sweltering heat and blazing sunny days. Especially with the recent Indonesia fire bringing unhealthy haze level to Singapore, many Singaporeans fail to recognize the array of health benefits it offers.

In fact, you cannot even identify the air that is infected with virus, allergens and bacteria. These are micro-organisms and can blend well with air. When people inhale this air, they become get various infections or allergies. Thus, you need to depend on the aircon air quality. If you are dubious whether the aircon can really improve the quality of air in your home or not, then just go through this article.
Aircon Clean Air

Extraordinary features of aircon:

With its improved features, such as the filtration, humidification, disinfecting and cooling, aircons provide the safest and cleanest air for you to breathe. There is no need to tell you that clean air is imperative when you have kids at home.

Improves your health condition:

If you are suffering from some allergies or are prone to asthmatic attacks, you will need the fresh air. By using the aircon, you will experience a high level of relief as the unique filtration system would remove all the allergy triggering reactants, pet dander and other allergens. Even if you and your family do not suffer from any allergies or illnesses, polluted air will cause unwanted infections if you don't have an aircon at home. So, an aircon is the must in your house in Singapore.

Prevents growth of molds:

Most of the aircons in your homes in Singapore aim at offering not just cool air but also fresh air. Apart from keeping you comfortable in summers, the air purification system helps you maintain the aircon air quality. Besides controlling the temperature of the rooms, the air conditioners also control and clean the air that is present within the room to ensure only the cleanest air enters your nasal cavity. Moreover, the aircon system prevents the growth of the mold by draining all the excess moisture from your rooms. Thus, your abode will remain free from the attacks of the molds if you have an aircon.

Freedom from dust and loose particles:

Dust is the main factor that can cause various infections like cough and cold. Today's modern aircons are equipped with multiple purification features. These are made using an innovative technology and include various filters with advanced filtering ability. That is why, your aircon can easily refine the air by removing all the dust and bacteria. On the other hand, the traditional filters of air conditioners cannot eliminate the dust particles.

Self cleaning ability:

Most of the air conditioners are equipped with a self clean feature. Thus, you don't have to worry about the aircon air quality. This special feature enables the air conditioner to clean its filter on its own, which in turn saves lots of your time and energy to clean the cooling system.
So, now you know that the aircon can really make the air quality in your house better.

With the recent unhealthy haze level PSI reaching over 300, it is wise to stay indoor in your aircon room. It is wise to conduct regular aircon servicing as it can surely help your aircon function better.
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