How To Prevent Dryness in An Aircon Room?

It is a known fact that aircon can make the room dry by sucking the humidity. This dryness can lead to many problems which are associated with lack of moisture like dry skin, sore throat and nose, breathing problems, chapped lips, and many more. But there are ways with which you can increase the humidity levels in the room and thus reduce the aircon dryness.

Dryness in aircon room

6 Ways to Prevent Dryness in an Aircon Room

1. Use Plants
This is a highly effective way of reducing the dryness. The reason is that plants add moisture to the air, also there is soil in the pot of plants which helps in the retention of moisture in the environment. This is why keeping plants in the aircon room and watering them regularly can help you immensely in preventing aircon dryness and it can also add to the beauty of the room.

2. Keep Water in Open Containers
This is a common technique that is used by many people. Water has a tendency of evaporating and thus increasing the humidity in the air. By keeping a bucket of water in the room can therefore result in reducing the aircon dryness. But you must take precaution that the water container should not be kept near an electrical device, especially if you have children or pets in your house.

3. Keep a Water Fountain
This is another way of providing extra moisture to the room by placing a water fountain. By keeping a water fountain you don't spoil the looks of the interiors of your room, but still get the full benefit with increased moisture levels.

4. Use Fish Tanks
You can use fish tanks in your room, which have lids that can be partially opened. This way you will get the humidity in your room with the evaporation of water in the fish tank and it will also add to the beauty of the room. The only drawback is that you must have nice space to keep the fish tank and you would also need to take proper care of the fish tank, otherwise it can spread bad odor in the room.

5. Hanging Wet Clothes
You can hang your wet clothes and towel for drying inside the room. This can be helpful if you live in a small apartment or house. It may seem as a not-so-neat idea, but if the clothes are placed properly then it won't look weird, but it will surely result in reducing the aircon dryness in the room.

6. Room Humidifiers
This is the simplest ways to reduce the aircon dryness in a room. But there are certain drawbacks of this solution. Installing a room humidifier will cost your extra money and space in the room and there are some health risks that are also involved with its working.


Always monitor the humidity levels inside the room and never let them rise to levels above 50%, as it may lead to the growth of molds and stains on walls and ceilings. You can use hygrometer for monitoring humidity.
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