How to Protect Yourself from the Recent Haze in Singapore?

Haze is a common occurrence in Singapore. It often occurs between May and October every year due to the ranging wild fires in forests in the nearby Indonesia. The winds then blow the ashes and smoke particles towards Singapore and thus affecting the air condition in that area. However, this year the condition has worsened and reached hazardous levels. The air condition in Singapore is very poor causing the national environmental agency to announce on June 17 that the air health levels have deteriorated to hazardous levels.

The air had a rating of 155 on the PSI and reached 371 on June 20 and a record  401 on 21st June 12pm. With such disastrous conditions, it poses a great risk on the health of the residents in this vicinity. Therefore, by learning the haze tips below, you can be able to take care of yourself during this particular period. Surviving this severe haze Singapore period is the most important thing right now. It will give you the advantage to be able to overcome other haze periods that might be less or worse since you will be well prepared.

Start by protecting yourself while in the house. Ensure that you close all the windows, doors or any other opening. This will restrict the air entering the house and thus preserve the health of the air in the house. You will prevent the polluted air, which is full of ash and smoke particles from coming into the house. Senior residents are at greater risk of suffering from respiratory diseases and thus need a lot of care during this period. By closing all windows and doors, you can help them stay safe.

In addition, you can also acquire an air conditioner in your home. By installing this appliance in your home, you will be able to purify the air inside the house by removing the pollutants. Having an air purifier or air ionizer, serves as an added advantage because you will be able to catch the very tiny particles in the air.

When you are outdoors, ensure that you close all the windows in your car while driving. This is to protect you from inhaling the polluted air. To add on that, ensure that you cover your mouth and nose using a mask when outdoors. You may also decide to use the mask when inside the house. It catches the very tiny particles and ensures that you breathe healthy air throughout. This is very important to children suffering from asthma, as it will greatly reduce the risk of them getting an attack. Those children without asthma and the seniors might also have difficulty in breathing and thus need the mask.

Furthermore, ensure that you take a lot of water during this period. This enables the kidneys to be able to remove toxins that might have been absorbed through the lungs and skin. Reduce alcohol and coffee intake since they promote loss of fluids and leaching of nutrients from your body. Improve your body's immune system by taking foods rich in vitamins C and E. Vitamin C rich foods include oranges, strawberries and guavas and those rich in vitamin E include seeds and nuts. You can also improve your immunity by having foods rich in fatty acids (omega-3) such as oily fish. To protect yourself from the haze Singapore, haze tips will help in keeping you safe.

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