Can We Steam Clean Our Roller Blinds?

 Many people use roller blinds in their homes. The blinds will definitely pick up dirt and germs over time which may be very harmful to your health if they are not removed. This brings up the question of how are we supposed to clean our blinds. Most people would like to clean their blinds in such a way that they get rid of the dirt and also kill any germs and disease causing organism that may be present in the blinds. Carrying out a steam clean of roller blinds will not damage the blinds as most people fear. It is actually the best way of cleaning your blinds but certain factors first have to be taken into consideration.

Roller Blinds cleaning

The type of fabric that has been used to make the blinds is very important. The fabrics used to make blinds differ greatly and should not be cleaned in the same way. There are blinds which are made from very hard fabric and others which are made from soft fabric. The blinds made from hard fabric can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or by steam cleaning. The softer ones however are best cleaned by steam cleaning. Some fabrics also do not become saturated with water and they will definitely have to be steam cleaned so as to remove the dirt spots.

Many people are allergic to pollen grains and dust which can be found inside the home especially if you have blinds at home. Regular cleaning may remove some of the dirt but some of it will still remain. The inhabitants of the home will still be at risk of falling ill and having severe reactions to their allergies. Steam cleaning will help ensure that all the pollen and dust which was present has been completely eliminated. The steam cleaning is also ideal for situations where you want to kill all the disease causing organism that are present in the blinds.

In deciding whether or not we can steam clean roller blinds it is very important and crucial that we look at what the manufacturer of the blinds has to say. All blinds that have been manufactured by reputable companies will always tell how you are supposed to clean your fabric and the things that you should not do while cleaning. If they allow steam cleaning then you should definitely do it. However, if you have been warned against steam cleaning heed the advice. You may end up damaging the fabric and your blinds will become unpleasant to look at.

The best option however when it comes to roller blind cleaning is seeking the services of a professional. They have the experience and expertise in that field and they will most certainly help you make the right decision. They will tell you whether you should steam clean the roller blinds or clean it using another method of cleaning. You could also take the blinds to them and they will know what option to go for. This is their day to day job and you should trust them. However, make sure the professional you go for is legit and has the required licences.
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