Where Can I Find Ironing Services in Singapore?

Do you not have the time to iron your clothes in the hot tropical climate of Singapore? Are you looking for a good ironing service station in Singapore? In the coming sections we shall explore all aspects that you should look out for when looking for a good ironing service in Singapore. Finding a good ironing service is not as easy as what many people expect it to be. You need to look at certain aspects which will ensure that you are getting timely and cost efficient services.

Here is a complete guide to finding the best ironing service in Singapore

Ironing Services

Market research

You should always do some research before deciding on the company that shall be providing you with ironing services. Best kind of research is done by asking your neighbors, relatives and friends that are using these services. You should ask them about their experiences and whether or not they are facing any problems related to timings and cost of ironing. This way you can be certain of the fact that you are choosing a service that is reliable and trustworthy.

Online research

Although asking people around your vicinity is a good idea but sometimes doing a little online research will help you to look for better places to get your ironing done. This research will also give you more reviews of companies that are offering ironing services. Moreover there are many forums and discussion threads online that allow customers to put in their feedbacks and reviews for ironing services. Reading these threads will give you a better idea of what services to choose from. There are many websites that give stars to ironing service providers according to the quality of service provided by the companies.


After you have done your market and online research you must shortlist the top three to five companies that you find worthy of ironing your clothes. Short listing will help you to organize your list of different companies that you have come around in your online and market research.


After you have short listed the companies that have got good reviews from customers and friends then filter this list by the experience of the company in the field of ironing clothes. Usually companies that have more experience in the field of ironing services and are well known are better than the companies that have less experience. So now place the short listed companies in an ascending order of experience. Take the top two companies and filter according to cost.

Cost comparison

Cost comparison is a must in each and every service that you take. Once you have got the top two companies with a good amount of experience then choose according to your budget. If your budget allows you to go for an expensive option then you can choose the high costing company but it is advised to go for the cheaper option since there is no major difference in service provision.

There are plenty of options in Singapore that will provide you with good ironing services. You must take into account these points before choosing your ironing service so as to get the best of the best services in Singapore.

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