Is Chemical Carpet Cleaning For Kids & Pets?

Carpet cleaning services are definitely very important in your home. This is because keeping your carpets clean will keep at bay harmful pollutants like bacteria, fungus and others. In addition, clean carpets will help maintain a clean attractive look to ensure that your carpets last longer. Having said this, Singaporeans should always be on the look out before hiring the services of a good carpet cleaner. Safety must come first and when you have kids and pets, it is good to ask yourself whether chemical carpet cleaning is good for your kids and pets.

Chemical Carpet Cleaning

Harmful carpet cleaning chemicals
The truth is that some chemicals are very dangerous for both pets and kids. This is because your kids and pets spend a lot of time near the carpet. In this regard, before hiring any Singapore carpet cleaning service, ask about the chemicals they are using in their soaps and shampoos. If you are not sure which chemicals are unsafe, the following is a breakdown of chemicals that should be avoided while cleaning carpets.

- Sodium hydroxide
- Sodium carbonate
- Hydrofluoric acid
- Isobutene
- Butane
- Propane
- Glycol ethers
- Quaternary ammonium chloride

The chemicals above can do a lot of harm to the skin and are also not good to breathe in. For your kids and pets who have sensitive skin, the harm can be even bigger and in this regard, choose a carpet cleaning service in Singapore that does not use the above chemicals. Keep in mind that it is not enough for a service or company to say that their chemicals are safe; go an extra mile and ask for evidence that shows the kinds of chemicals they use.

Sometimes, despite the use of good carpet cleaning soaps and shampoos, your kids and pets might develop a bad reaction. This could be an allergic reaction and it might not mean that a certain chemical is dangerous. Therefore, it is good to see how well the carpet cleaning products interact with your pets and kids. If they have some form of allergic reaction, avoiding the chemicals is the best way to go.

After looking at all the harmful elements that might cause harm, it is pivotal to look at some of the safest chemicals that you can use for carpet cleaning. Many Singapore cleaning services will seek to please their clients; hence use some of the following chemicals which are considered safe.

If you decide to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, they must provide their safety standards regarding the products they use. Some of the components that constitute non toxic carpet cleaning products may include;

- Borax
- Isopropyl alcohol
- Club soda
- Hydrogen peroxide
- Carbonated water

The list of ingredients and chemicals that are safe for your kids and pets is long. If you decide to do the carpet cleaning yourself, these are also good alternatives at home. Milk and white wine are other good examples of cleaners that can do a thorough job without causing any harm to your loved ones.

Carpet Cleaning For Pets

How to find a safe carpet cleaning service

If you are unsure of how to find a good Singapore carpet cleaning service that uses harmless chemicals for their cleaning, the following tips are for you.

First, look at user reviews online and see what others have to say about the service. If other people like it, chances are that they are honest about the chemicals they use for their cleaning.

You can make an appointment with a Singapore carpet cleaner to see first hand the types of chemicals they use. Many are more than willing to show their clients how safe their products are.

Do your research and know which chemicals are harmful to you, your kids and pets. With this knowledge, you can choose wisely.

If you suspect that certain chemicals are harming your kids and pets, have a specialist analysis done to see whether the carpet cleaning products are harmful or not.

Taking precaution as mentioned above will be the key to a safe environment where carpets are concerned. At the end of the day, you want your pets and kids to be happy as they enjoy a clean environment. The good news is that there are numerous Singapore carpet cleaning services that use safe products in their work so that you do not have to worry so much.
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