Can Bed Bugs Breed In My Carpet or Curtain?

Having bed bugs problem? Want to know if bed bugs can breed in your upholstery? Bed bugs are small, wingless parasites that live off human blood. Scientifically identified as cimex lectularius, bedbugs are reddish-brown creatures with a flat oval-shaped body. Most adult bed bugs are about 1/4 inch in size, but they may appear larger after feeding.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs usually feed on the blood of their hosts while they are asleep. These parasites are attracted by the warmth and carbon dioxide present on the host's skin. They reach their host by crawling towards them until they feel the warmth of their skin. Once they reach the skin, bed bugs use two hollow tubes (beaks) to pierce the skin and gain access to the host's blood. One of the tubes sucks the blood meal in, while the other injects saliva, which contains an anticoagulant agent that prevents the blood from clotting. The bed bug saliva also contains anesthetic effects which reduces pain, allowing the bugs to feed freely without getting noticed. Bed bug bites may lead to a number of adverse health effects such as skin rashes, psychological disorders and allergic reactions.

Bed bugs

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, and only come out in the dark, at night or when lights are out. This is because they don't function well in direct light. These pests are also extremely elusive and always avoid open areas that may expose their presence. Their preferred habitat is warm areas in homes, especially in beds and bedding, sofas and other soft furnishings. Bedbug infestations can occur in any type of dwelling, including private homes, apartments, flats, dormitories, army barracks, cruise ships and shelters.

Can Bed Bugs Breed In My Carpet Or Curtain?

Even though bedding and mattresses are the most common breeding areas for bed bugs, it's not uncommon to find bed bugs living and breeding in other places in a home. Carpets are, in fact, one of the main breeding grounds for bed bugs. These parasites many also infest curtains, as they provide a perfect hiding place - which makes it hard to locate them for extermination.

Most people in Singapore don't realize that the carpets and curtains in their homes, apartments and business premises may be harboring harmful, blood-sucking pests such as bed bugs. As one of the most insidious pests, bed bugs often lurk in carpets and window hangings. They usually crawl in the tiny cracks and crevices found on carpeting, making it hard to detect them.

Bed bugs in upholstery

The main reason why bed bugs infest carpets and curtains is because these two home furnishings have many small, cozy compartments, creases and crevices where these pests like to hide. Their tiny, flat body, which becomes streamlined after feeding, allows them to slip easily into the narrow crevices and gaps where the carpet meets the wall. They can even hide themselves within the shag of the carpets.

Contrary to what most people think, curtains provide many hiding areas for bed bugs. The seams and creases often found on curtains and other wall hangings are perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs. These pests usually climb walls and then climb onto the curtains wherever the curtains meet the walls. They only leave these breeding areas at night when they are looking for fresh human blood. Also, they can stay in carpets or curtains for many months without eating, making it very difficult to eliminate them. In addition, they can lay a large number of eggs at one time; one female bed bug can produce up to 300 eggs - which then hatch in as little as 10 days.

To control bed bugs and prevent the negative health effects associated with these parasites, it's important that you ensure your carpets and curtains are clean and vacuumed. The best way to go about cleaning your carpets and making sure they are bedbug-free is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Trained carpets cleaners from a Singapore professional cleaning company have the knowhow, equipment and cleaning products required to exterminate bed bugs completely.

These experts can perform mattress cleaning, curtains cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to rid your house, or office, of bed bugs. They'll typically use heavy-duty commercial cleaning equipment, such as commercial-grade vacuums, steam cleaners and pressure washers, to kill the bed bugs and also suction them out. Additionally, they may apply a non-toxic bed bug killer to eliminate any problematic pests that may be spared by the cleaning.
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