Will Aircon Use Less Energy After Chemical Wash?

Air-conditioning system is an integral part of many modern households. Although most people realize that regular maintenance of an aircon prolongs its life and improves its performance, but they usually rely on conventional methods and novice professionals for maintaining their air-conditioning system.

In maintaining the aircon, there is a method known as a chemical wash, which if performed by trained professionals will not only enhance the performance of your aircon, but can also help you to save plenty of money in the long run.

Aircon Regas

Process of aircon chemical wash

The important actions performed in the process of chemical cleaning are:

Cleaning of air filters using chemicals.
Lubrication of fan bearings to prevent noise.
Chemical cleansing of drainage system, in case of a water leak.
Chemical cleaning of the fan evaporator.
Checking of the controls and thermostat.
Chemical washing of the fan-coil.
Cleaning of blower wheel and fan blades.
Drain pan and pipe are flushed and cleaned.

Why aircon uses less energy after chemical wash?

Most people think that chemical cleaning is a costly method for maintaining an air-conditioner. However, they don't realize that after this process, energy efficiency of the air-conditioner is dramatically increased, which eventually reduces their energy bill and makes their air-conditioner more eco-friendly. This improvement of energy efficiency in an air-conditioner is achieved by a combination of several factors.

Removes corrosion from the air-conditioner

Chemical washing reduces the chances of wear and tear due to corrosion. Additionally, the fan-coil, which is the costliest part of an air-conditioner, is thoroughly cleaned in the chemical wash process. These two actions ensure that everything works like new in your air-conditioning unit. Therefore, after the chemical wash your air-conditioner requires far less energy, but gives superior performance.

Restores right level of refrigerant

Many times the air-conditioning unit is not able to cool properly because there is not enough refrigerant. During the chemical cleaning an inspection is performed for the level of refrigerant in the air-conditioning system. This ensures that the load for cooling on the air-conditioning system is minimal and thus it requires to run for least amount of time to deliver best possible cooling, which further improves the energy efficiency of your aircon.

Improves performance of the fan

Fan bearings are an important part of air-conditioning unit. Dirty, unlubricated or loose bearings can cause a lot of noise and drastically reduce the overall productivity of the unit. This makes it difficult for the aircon to cool properly, which forces it to drain more electricity and eventually results in high energy bills. However, this issue is properly handled during the chemical wash of air-conditioning system. By lubricating and cleaning of the fan bearings and fan-coil, it is ensured that your air-conditioner unit delivers best level of productivity.

Removes clogging from the drainage system

Most people know that mold growth in the aircon can have serious health hazards. However, a dirty and clogged drainage system ultimately reduces the air-circulation inside the air-conditioning system. Therefore, cleaning of the drainage system of an air-conditioning system is an important part of its chemical cleaning process, which ensures that all the dirt and mold growth is removed from the drainage system. This improves the air circulation in the air-conditioning system, which ultimately improves the energy efficiency of the system.

Ensures thermostat and controls are working properly

Proper working of a thermostat and other controls is immensely important for right working of the air-conditioner. A faulty thermostat or defective controls can make your aircon run for longer than required time periods, which eventually means higher energy bills. However, thermostat and controls are thoroughly checked during the chemical wash process of air-conditioner. This ensures that the defects, if any, in the thermostat or the controls of the air-conditioning system are rectified to improve its performance and energy efficiency.


 usually underestimate the short-term and long-term benefits of aircon maintenance. However, most don't realize the amount of money they can save in their energy bills by opting for chemical cleaning. Aircon chemical wash is not just about keeping vents, coils and other parts really clean, it also makes sure that your air-conditioning system remains eco-friendly by consuming least possible energy.

Now you know about the immediate financial benefits of the chemical cleaning of your air-conditioner. But you must also remember that this method utilizes powerful reagents and thus you must take the services of highly trained and experienced professionals for the chemical cleaning of your air-conditioner.
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