5 Reasons Why Aircon Is Not Cold After Regas

One of the most annoying things in Singapore is to realize that your air conditioner cannot function anymore even after you have replaced the gas. Indeed, many individuals often complain that they cannot use their air conditioners despite the fact that they seem to have done every important thing to keep it functional. There are several things that could make your aircon not cold after regas. You need to understand that there are several aspects that combine together to make your room cold and so, it is not a good idea to keep concentrating on the gas alone.

Aircon Regas

A Dirty Air Filter

The air filter is the one that regulates the flow if air through your air conditioner and into the rooms of your house or office. Because of this, you have to make sure that it is clean all the time. What happens when it is not cleaned is that sometime, it will fail meaning that even as you switch on the machine, there will be no air flowing into or out of your room. This can easily be avoided if you find a good contractor or companies that can either clean the filter or replace it if it is worn out.

A Frozen Condenser

Another thing that could make your aircon not cold after regas is a frozen condenser. Considering the role played by the condenser in the overall operation of the air conditioner, you can be sure that nothing good will be expected from it if you cannot take good care of this important part. There are people who just keep using the machines without even caring about the condenser. According to reliable studies in Singapore, most machines become dysfunctional over a period of time because the owners did not care about the need of improving the condenser.

Leaked Refrigerant

You could be troubling to think about too many things yet the machine does not function because the refrigerant has leaked. If there are any openings that allow this liquid out of its place, you can be sure that none of it will be left owing to its nature. You therefore have to check the refrigerant to ensure that it is intact. You do not have to worry if you do not know how to do this because in Singapore, there are many good companies that can help you to check the levels and keep it within the required minimum.

Dirty Gas

Dirty gas can also make your aircon not cold after regas. Since there are many sources from where someone can get such things, you never know how good the one you are using is. Some people have fallen victim to the usage of dirty gas even without realizing it because they did not bother to know the people that they are buying it from. In this case, you can be sure that things will not work out fine until you get some clean gas. The supplier that you trust for this will always determine the suitability of the gas that you end up with.

A Wrong Air Conditioner

Are you using the right air conditioner? Maybe, your woes could be because you have chosen the wrong machine. This such as size and others will determine the kinds that can be used in certain places. For instance, you should inquire from the sellers about the machines that they have and the places that they can be used in. At this point, you will realize that there is a big difference in what those that are on display can be used for. It therefore is upon you to pick the right ones.

Once you realize that there is something that makes your aircon not cold after regas, you must look for the right solution. It is all about making sure that at the end of the day, you find things that are likely to make your home or office better. Because of this, you should not just hire any of the companies that you find around. There always will be those that can do a wonderful job while others will not even come close to what you want. You therefore should compare their services and pick the right offer.
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