What Are The 3 Types Of Window Grilles in Singapore?

Window grilles are very popular in Singapore these days. They are able to keep our home safe from all thieves around us. These grilles are also important to prevent any accidents, especially if you live on the high floor estates. These products can protect your children from falling down. If you are looking for the best window grille for your house, you need to keep reading this article. In this article, there are several types of window grilles based on different materials used for creating these grilles. They are chosen because they are very effective to protect your property. Most of them are made up from metal in order to maintain their function as the protection and safety tools.

Different Types Of Window Grilles in Singapore

1. Steel Window Grille
This is the most common type of grille that is commonly used in Singapore. Steel is very popular because of its toughness and strength. This type of grille is almost impossible to break or bend. With the right maintaining process, the steel grilles can be used for long period of time. However, this type of window grille is relatively more expensive than any other products. This is reasonable because the demand for this grille type is much higher than any other grilles. People love using steel window grille in their house because it is very easy to maintain.

2. Iron Window Grille
This is another type of window grille that is very popular in this country. This window grille is the most powerful product in the market. It can be the strongest enforcement option for your homes or offices. Because of that reason, many people use this window grille to protect their important assets. An iron window grille is also very heavy. Therefore, it is very difficult for the thieves to enter your property by breaking this iron window grille. The initial price for installing this window grille is relatively cheaper than any other products.

3. Aluminum Window Grille
This is considered as the lightest grille because its density is relatively low. This window grille is strong enough to protect your homes and offices. If you want to find something that is very flexible, you need to choose this type of window grille. You can move this window grille very easily. This type of window grille works perfectly with any houses or offices, except the concrete buildings. This product is a perfect option for people who want to use stylish window grille for their houses.

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