How To Do Spring Cleaning Like a Professional?

Helping you to do spring cleaning like a professional

The fact remains that no one is interested in doing spring-cleaning. But all agree that the house looks so much better it has been done! You can follow some spring cleaning tips from the professionals and make your efforts more efficient as well as effective.

Tip #1
The proper way to do spring cleaning is by working from the top of your house and then going down. Next, never do the whole house at one go. You need to begin with the tidying first, and then go on to doing dusting and cleaning. The last step can be the vacuuming of your house.

Tip #2
The most important among the spring cleaning tips is the clearing out of all your junk. Anything that has not been used in the past year is ready to be shed off. You can contribute all your good clothes, toys and books to charity. Another option is to hold a yard sale where you would be able to earn some money too.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Tip #3
You cleaning is not complete if you forget the curtains. These need to be cleaned thoroughly at least once each year or else they will rot. In case they are made of velvet, tapestry, brocade, chenille, or happen to be interlined, then you must dry clean them. You can wash curtains made of cotton or such other similar textiles. Do remember to remove the hooks before you take them away for cleaning. Call Singapore Laundry Curtain if you need professional cleaning company to do the work for you.

Tip #4
Your carpets need to be deep cleaned at least twice each year or even more depending on the amount of traffic they have to face. If you are not able to do this yourself, get a carpet cleaner.

Tip #5
The next spring cleaning tips include the thwarting of moths. In order to do this, you must clean your drawers and wardrobe from the inside. Once this is done, you must wipe the insides by using cedarwood oil. Washing your clothes at the highest possible temperature will help to kill any moth larvae sticking to them. In case you cannot do this, put your clothing into a plastic bag and place this in a freezer for 24 hours.

Tip #6
In order to see the results of your spring cleaning in a brighter way, clean the lights as well as their shades and bulbs. Use your regular dish soap to wash the removable parts. The fixed parts can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Tip #7
Safety should be a priority when you are doing spring cleaning. So always read the labels of all the products that you would be using in order to understand all directions as well as precautions clearly. You may consider using special equipment such as safety goggles or even rubber gloves in order to protect your eyes as well as skin.

Use these spring cleaning tips in order to use your time efficiently. Take out all cleaning equipment and keep it in one place before starting. This way you would not have to run around looking for one thing or the other. Once done, sit back and enjoy what you have achieved.


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