8 Tips To Save Money on Dry Cleaning in Singapore

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8 Tips To Save Money on Dry Cleaning in Singapore

Want to save money on dry cleaning? One aspect of daily living that takes most of your money is the cost of dry cleaning every month. Most of the times you have your laundry handled by a professional dry cleaning service in Singapore or you use washing machines found in premises. The problem with using a professional cleaning service is that it can be expensive at times. Let us look at ways you can use to save on your dry cleaning expenses.

Make use of all services being offered
Professional dry cleaning services in Singapore offer you various free and discounted services such as sewing of torn clothes, buttons, zippers or repairing of hems. Most of these come at no additional cost at all. Instead of taking these to a tailor, you can save some money by using this free service.

Use a dry cleaning company who is reliable
When you use someone who is reliable and stick with them, they will give you discounts on the laundry services they offer. This will be aimed at retaining you as a loyal customer and prevent you from going to their competitor. These discounts go a long way in saving you some money.

Use hangers to claim some discounts
After pressing your clothes, most dry cleaning service providers prepare your clothes for easier transport by including hangers. Keep these hangers safely and take them to the professional to reuse them later. This may prompt them to give you a discount.

Use a cleaner in the vicinity
When looking for a dry cleaning service to handle your laundry in Singapore, it is advisable to identify a service provider who is within your locality. It will be easier to access the services and thus save on fuel. It will also save you the time of moving long distances.

Save on detergent
When doing your own washing from home, it is best to use the detergent as instructed on the bottle. Sometimes you may feel like adding more detergent because the clothes are extra dirty, but this will end up costing you more. You may not know this, but if you use a lot of detergent, you may end up affecting your clothes and reduce their lifespan.

Do not run the drier for too long
One way to save money on dry cleaning is to preserve your clothing. You can do this by using the best cleaning practices such as cleaning them only for the required time. If you keep them in the drier for too long, you may end up spoiling them which will cost you because you will have to buy new ones.

Don't use too much water
To save some money when doing your laundry, reduce on the amount of water used. How can you do this? Wait till you have accumulated a sizable load of clothes before you wash. When you have enough clothes, you can run the machine so that you use the water optimally.

Buy detergent in bulk
Detergents used in laundry are expensive and can eat into your savings. Like other items you purchase, you can save a lot of money when you buy them in bulk from a warehouse. Also make sure to buy detergent that you need.

Use these tips to save money on your monthly laundry expenses in Singapore. You cannot save a lot of it at once, but you can do so progressively.


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