What You Need To Know About Hari Raya Cleaning

Hari Raya cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the house, fixing items that need repair to have a house that is super clean and spotless. Below are tips to clean your house for Hari Raya.

Hari Raya Home Cleaning

Start with the windows.
For the purpose, you can use a squeegee with a rubber-edged that is easy to use and fast giving quick and effective results. Alternatively, cloth or an old newspaper is a good decision for hard-reachable places. Prepare a home-made solution of warm water and several drops of dish soap in a bucket and wipe all the windows with it.

Pay attention to the light bulbs in the house.
disassemble them carefully, and clean them with a clean cloth dampened in water. dry them completely before assembling them back.

Don't forget the blinds.
Blinds on the window tend to accumulate dirt and dust easily, that's why they need certain care. Twice a year wipe them with a proper wood cleaner. Aluminum ones wash outside with a garden hose.

Protect wooden floors.
To avoid scratches on your wooden floors, use appropriate furniture legs that can be found in home improvement stores and give excellent results.

Take care of your refrigerator.
This is a daunting task, so consider the following tricks you can use to minimize the work in it. Once stained, wipe its interior surfaces. Throw out food with an expired date at least once a week. Wash removable shelves and in the refrigerator with a solution of baking soda and water.

Carpet cleaning is a must.
Rugs and carpets need deep cleaning at least once a year especially those on the highest traffic areas. For synthetic carpeting, rent or buy a special machine extractor that cleans fibers and is based on using hot water. For valuables, call and hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Vacuum the curtains.
Have them vacuum or dry cleaned and don't forget to remove dirt and dust off them before putting away for storage.

Do a restocking of cleaning supplies that are needed often. Gather all you need and you won't have to search on it later. The most common supplies, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, vinegar, natural cleaners such as baking soda, salt, brushes, tools like rags, gloves, cloth, and others.

Benefits of Hari Raya spring cleaning

A great way to de-clutter -
We all tend to build up things that we don't need around the home, and by carrying out a spring clean we are able to get rid of some of these hoarded items. Some choose to simply give things away to charity or even if they are taken straight down to the local dump, a deep spring clean offers a great way to fully de-clutter!

Hari Raya Home Cleaning

Great Exercise -
it is the least noted benefits of doing a good spring clean, as we engage in doing these chores we burn calories which is healthy to us. Experts tell us that just vacuuming around the home for thirty minutes can burn a quick 100 calories. So not only can you burn calories and lose some weight, but you can get a great looking home too in the process!

Get rid of allergens -
Many of us have issues with allergies in this day and age whether caused by plants, dust or other chemicals that we may be allergic to. They can, of course, be very detrimental to one's health, and so carrying out a spring clean of the property gives the perfect opportunity to sanitize and expel allergens from every room in the property.

Focus and Concentration -
As the old adage goes 'a tidy space allows for a tidy mind' - spring cleaning and de-cluttering, and achieving a much more organized and tidy space can also help people to feel much more focused too. Having too much mess around the home can feel like a build up of visual noise, and can hinder us from focusing on the important projects for the day and week ahead.

Accomplishment -
Once you have given or your property a deep spring clean, and have literally gone through your flat or house from top to bottom, it can really provide a great sense of accomplishment, and can often inspire us to then tackle some other important issues in our day to day life.
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