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Spring cleaning entails the general cleaning of the house. This starts from the house itself, the floor, walls, windows, fixtures, furniture, fabrics, the rooms, and the appliances. Every single area and item in the house is cleaned during the spring cleaning. The challenge is where to start cleaning when you are ready. Once you decide on where you will start cleaning, the entire process will be easy, and you will finish the cleaning quickly.

Preparing for the spring cleaning
There is no special rule on where to start when you are cleaning your house. Before anything, you will need to make the environment ready for cleaning. You could listen to some good music to keep you entertained as you clean. You will also need to list down all the necessary items and supplies that are needed for the spring cleaning.

It is important to list down every supplies and detergents that you might need. If you have them in the house, set them ready. You will need to rush to the store to buy them if they are not in the house. This allows you to work with elegance and comfort, devoid of any limitation.

Spring cleaning tips

The rule
As you are cleaning the house, you will need to apply one strategy or rule. Ideally, clean from top to bottom, and from inside to outside. If you were to clean the wall, start with the top area as you head to the floor. Also, if your house has two floors, you will start cleaning upstairs, and finish with the ground floor. You should clean the house indoor first, and finish with the outdoor setting. This helps you to prevent you from getting the clean area dirty again.

Work on one room and area at a time
One mistake that many people do is to work on different rooms of sections at the same time. This will end up leaving some sections unattended. In the long run, you will leave the house messy and partially cleaned. That will not qualify it to be considered a spring-cleaned house.

Collect the items together
If you have an untidy room, the first thing you will need to do is to collect all the dirty laundry in one basket. Suppose there are scattered items in the living room, collect them in one place to make the cleaning easy. You can return them to their positions when you are done cleaning.

Keep the workstation sanitized
In case, you have a computer at home, and it is placed in a secluded workstation, you will need to sanitize it to keep the germs away. Wipe the screen of the computer or the laptop with a microfiber cloth that is slightly damp. You can also use some antiseptic to ensure that it is fully sanitized.

Multitask accordingly
It is not advised to clean two rooms at the same time, but it is advised to synchronize the chores to make it easier to clean. For instance, you can set the laundry to wash in the machine, as you clean other areas of the house. This helps to save time and effort.

Work on the mess of your microwave

Work on the mess of your microwave
To get rid of the messes in your microwave, you will need to use fresh lemons. Start by cutting one lemon in half, then put them in a bowl with water. The bowl should be safe to use in the microwave. Cook the lemon on High for about two to three minutes. The steam produced will make the hardened food particles in the microwave soft. You can then clean them with a slightly damp cloth as you enjoy the smell.

Clean the clean thoroughly
Before you start the fridge cleaning, you will need to get rid of all the food that produce a bad smell. Clean all the dishes that are used to store the food in the fridge, then start cleaning it. Empty the trash can and throw away any other open bottle. Remove the glass shelves and the bins then wash them in a basin or the sink. You can also run over a wet sponge or cloth to clean them. Ensure that there is no food when you are cleaning the fridge. After you are through check that every container and bottle has a lid before you place it back in the fridge. Also, check that there are no fingerprints left on the handle and the door. Ideally, place a box if fresh baking soda to absorb any bad smell in the fridge.

Get rid of the old toiletries
Ensure that you eliminate the old toiletries that are in the bathroom to keep it tidy. If you have a toothbrush that is worn out, replace it soon enough. If the toilet roll is dirty and soaked with water, throw it away and replace with a clean roll.

Do not ignore the corners
Too many people tend to ignore the corners as they are cleaning the house. If there is a cabinet in a certain corner, have it moved so that you can clean the corner. You can call a friend to help you move the cabinet to avoid injuries. Move everything that is against the wall to clean thoroughly.

Get rid of the garbage odor

Get rid of the garbage odor
Do not leave the plastic garbage bags in the house. Instead, ensure that you get rid of them and that you empty the cans as well. If they are recyclable, ensure that they are kept clean whenever you empty them. Ideally, place them upside down to dry completely. You can then sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom to eliminate the bad smell.

Do not forget the door mats
As you are cleaning the carpet and rugs in the house, do not forget to clean the door mat that welcomes visitors. Beat the dust out of the mat and clean it thoroughly before you air it out to dry. The color should not fade, and it must be clean enough to be more welcoming.

The best way to handle the spring cleaning in the house is to call a professional spring cleaning company to take care of it. Here, you will not have to write down the necessities and worry about where to start cleaning. When the spring cleaning is done, bring in some Spring flowers like Pansies or Gerbera Daisies. This will create a fresh environment that is clean enough.

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