Installing System 4 Aircon In Singapore

With global warming and the effect of heat all over people are forced to look for an option of installing Air Conditioner at homes. With the increase in demand and availability of competitors in the market, people get confused about things to be considered while installing and Air Conditioner. There is a number of factors which are important to be considered when thinking of getting an Air Conditioner installed at home.

Aircon Installation

These factors are-understanding the different types of air conditioners and their pros and cons after installation, the size of the room where the air conditioner will be installed should also be considered while deciding about installation of air conditioner, using air conditioner and power consumption is also important consideration to be considered well before, additional services and warranty on the products might seem not very useful in the initial period but it is very useful once you get the air conditioner installed and find difficult and financial burden of services required and other hidden charges. In this way, these are the first four points a buyer should check and compare while deciding to install the air conditioner at his place.

Types of Aircons available in the Market

There is a range of Aircon air conditioners available in the market like – Systems 2 to 5, Inverter Aircons and R410A. All these Air Conditioners are designed and developed with specific features and taking care of the requirements of different buyers and their specifications. For example, if a person who has requirement of cooling the number of rooms available in his house, then he can go for systems Air conditioner depending on the number of rooms he wants to be cool. If he wants his three bedrooms and one living room to be cool, he can go for systems 4 option. While if a person has specification and requirement of more energy efficient requirement he may like to go for inverter aircon. This inverter aircon has a very efficient compressor which operates at a range of speeds, from slow to fast and to reach to the selected temperature. In this way, this aircon is more effective in terms of cooling the desired place and room as per the specification.

Once the person decides to go for the type and System 4 air conditioner installation, he should be always hiring some professional rather than a non-technical person for installation of the air conditioner. The advantage of hiring any professional to install the air conditioner is that the person while installing the air conditioner make the buyer understand the dos and don’ts and also finished the installation within no time. It is also required from the buyer that the buyer visits the shop physically and compares the price and other details of the other products available in the market and then conclude.

Aircon Installation

In Singapore, not all the buildings and homes are built in the same line and same architectural way, it is important for the buyer to discuss this detail with the vendor before deciding about installing the air conditioner. One of the benefits of hiring the professional guy for installation of the air conditioner is that he advised about the changes required in the infrastructure for installation.

As the installation of the air conditioner is very technical in terms of deciding the place for installing the vents and the outlets. In this way, the professional guy hired for installation will make the required arrangement of his own to make the air conditioner operate in the most efficient manner. Ventilation and heating requirements are the important components to be considered before installing the air conditioner.

The professional guy should be technical enough to take care of these two requirements which are very important for the installation of the air conditioner. With the advancement in technology these days, new models are launched every year and the specifications and requirements vary from model to model. The professional guy hired for the installation of the air conditioner should be updated and aware about the features and specifications so that the installation is done properly without any fail.

Calculation of power capacity is also very important to understand the consumption which will take place after the air conditioner is installed. This calculation helps the buyer as well as the professional to understand and measure the area which will be cooled by the Aircon system after it is installed. To do this measurement and calculation the buyer, as well as the professional, is required to multiply the available area in sq feet by 65 and arrive at the figure of BTU per hour required. The derived figure from this calculation should be further multiplied with 0.000293 so that it is converted into kilowatt-hours. This final derived figure is the energy which is required energy for the air conditioning system.

In Singapore, the unit of the electricity is KWh. This calculation helps the buyer to understand the power consumption after installation of the air conditioner and this calculation will also be giving an idea to the professional in suggesting the type and capacity of air conditioner required at this place.

Aircon Installation

Not only the capacity of the air conditioner but the efficiency of the same is more important before installing the air conditioner at home. Like another air conditioner in the market, Aircon system 4 installation is a two-step process. This two-step process consists of piping and trunking as their main components in installation. Piping is nothing but is the process which is used to transport the cool air between the compressor and various units which are laid out. This laying out of all required pipes is the real process in the installation of Aircon system 4.


With advanced technology and increasing global warming, there is an increase in demand for air conditioners in the market. There are buyers who are not very sure about the types and specifications required and used while selecting any product in the market. With the range of specifications and features available in the market, buyers collecting and gathering the details from different products and comparing it before finalizing any product. Selection of professional guy and type of aircon is very important as the number of specifications and requirements vary from buyer to buyer. These specifications include different components like- type of room where the air conditioner will be installed, the purpose of the installation, power consumption and efficiency of the air conditioner and the services offered by different companies available in the market. These details and information help the buyer to analyze and compare the features and decide about the installation of the air conditioner. A good plan and checklist certainly help the buyer in selecting the best possible option.



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