How To Remove Urine In Mattress

Most parents and pet owners have at some time faced the unpleasant task of trying to extract urine from a mattress. It is essential to keep in mind that cleaning the urine stain is essential. As bacteria are present in the urine, leaving a spot untreated for a prolonged period can cause fungal growth and mould on the mattress. In some cases, this can completely ruin a mattress.

Urine on Mattress

Either way, whatever the reason, a mattress soaked in urine seems quite common to be considered one of the most common mattress problems. You can successfully eliminate the liquid part of the urine, but do not be surprised if the smell persists. Apart from that, it is essential to treat the problem seriously, as it can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

So how do you get rid of the mattress urine effectively? In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to approach a mat soaked in urine. Do not worry. It is not necessary to be a professional cleaner or expert to follow the advice.

• Try to clean urine

This is effective if you detect urine immediately after being expelled from the inmate's body. With the urine still wet and on the surface, wipe it with a dry cloth or stack with paper towels on top. Try not to wet or moisten the paper towel or cloth with water. Since it is already wet, it does not absorb all the urine efficiently.

Keep in mind that you are only deleting it. Do not try to clean it, since it will just be necessary to pass the urine to the other parts of the mattress that have not been touched before. Simply place the cloth or paper towel over the urine and let it absorb the liquid.

Urine on Mattress

• Remove all covers

If the offensive urinary evacuation occurred hours before discovering that (perhaps while sleeping or, in some cases, while at work), it cannot be removed because it is already dry further in and was already completely absorbed by the mattress.

In this case, remove all caps and wash them with detergent. Because blankets or bedding are made only of cloth, it will be easier to remove the stain and smell of urine with a simple wash. On the mattress, however, you have to deal with more serious problems, such as why the foam is very absorbent and why you simply cannot put a mattress in the washing machine and wash your worries...

Apply solutions to the problem

Now that the blankets and sheets have been cleaned, you can now focus on the biggest problem: the mattress itself. The mattress is challenging to clean because you cannot wash it in the washing machine. Again, there are many solutions to the problem, and one of these solutions is in the form of a carpet cleaner. Simply follow the instructions on the label: apply it on the mattress, let it stay and rub it.

Here is a guide for quick and effective ways to remove stains. You may want to get a pen and paper by hand.

1. Use of citrus cleaners

The use of a cleanser that contains a citrus ingredient works quickly. If you do not have a citrus cleaner when you have this problem, use a lemon, an orange or lime. Juice one of these and add it with a little water. Soak a small towel in the mixture and clean the stains.

Simply press the towel on the affected areas. Press for a few minutes until the moisture of the towel is introduced. This will not only help eliminate odour, but it will also help to eliminate stains. If it is a bit dry, you can inflate it with the heat of your hairdryer.

2. Liquid to wash dishes

Most dishwashing liquids today have a citrus content that helps them feel good. Use a small amount and dissolve it in hot water. Dip a clean towel again in this mixture and follow the same steps as the first one.

Press the affected area until the moisture of the towel has penetrated effectively. Then you can also dry it with a hair dryer or simply blow it with the air from your electric fan.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is a good absorbent. It will help to absorb moisture in a short time. Sprinkle on top of the affected area. This will help eliminate moisture. It also helps to reduce the acidity in the mattress and remove the germs that can populate it. Leave it alone for a few minutes.

4. Shampoo:

Liquid Laundry Detergent: For new urine stains, many mattress owners have discovered that the simple use of detergent or shampoo and a small amount of water will remove the stain. This is often less effective for stains that have lasted for a while, and may not be completely effective in eliminating odours.

Urine on Mattress

5. Steam cleaning:

Whenever possible, consider using a hot steam cleaner on mattresses with urine stains. Used with a cleaning agent, steam cleaning is usually very effective in eliminating visible stains, removing odour from urine and killing bacteria that could otherwise grow and spread.

6. Vinegar:

Many parents and pet owners report that vinegar works wonders in eliminating the urine odour of the mattress. Pour a moderate amount of vinegar over the soiled area, and absorb the excess liquid with a large towel or a water vacuum. Keep in mind that this method is designed to eliminate odours and kill bacteria, so it will be necessary to treat the stain to alleviate or diminish the urine stain.

Then use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the baking soda particles. Wipe the surface with a damp towel and let it dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated room or merely direct your electric fan towards the affected area.


Urine removal can be simple once you have learned it. If you've just had a kid or if your child is going into the phase where urine is becoming a standard issue, using this technique can be a fast and simple way to ensure that the child's mattress is excellent and good for the next night. Washing the covers during this stage could further be recommended to eliminate any trace of the night before.


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