How To Remove Stubborn Kitchen Grease?

It does not matter how clean you try to keep your kitchen, if you will use it regularly, then you will end up having a lot of kitchen grease in your house. You cannot have any alternative of this situation and sometime it becomes almost impossible to remove that stubborn kitchen grease. Because of this situation people keep wondering about how to remove stubborn kitchen grease. Sometime they find a solution for this problem and sometime they don’t. If you are still looking for some ways to get rid of that kitchen grease from your kitchen counter top, cupboards and other places of your kitchen, then here are some tips that can definitely assist you in this requirement.

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Use Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the most amazing things that you can find in your kitchen. It not only helps you have a nice taste on your food, but it can also help you get rid of kitchen grease. This simple solution has so many properties in that can fight with any kind of deposition including kitchen grease. To remove the stain or grease using vinegar you can damp a soft cloth in the vinegar solution and you can wipe the greasy cabinet or counter top with it. When you do, make sure you are not using any kind of diluted vinegar because that might not do the trick. Other than this, it is also important that you rub all the sticky sports before drying the process. And when you dry the cabinet or other places after using vinegar, then make sure you use a fresh towel or cloth to avoid any kind of negative result. 

Grease melting suds: There are some special solution available in the market, that can help you get rid of kitchen grease with ease. To use these solutions, you can make a solution of a grease melting suds with water in a bucket, tub or in your sink. When you make this mixture try to us as hot water as possible because hot water work really good against any kind of dirt deposition. In this process of grease cleaning you should use some safety gloves else you might burn your hand with warm water. After making the liquid use a sponge, soak the water solution and then try to clean the spot in a circular motion. If needed you may apply some pressure also on it, but make sure you do not apply any pressure that can affect your wooden surface. If you notice water is cooled, then you should change it with hot water to make sure you get better outcome. You should keep repeating this process until it is completely cleaned. Also, after cleaning, you should rinse the place with fresh water and you should let it dry completely.

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Fight oil with oil: This might surprise you, but vegetable oil can actually help you get rid of your kitchen grease. However, you will have to make a mixture of vegetable oil and baking soda to make the trick working. You should make a mixture of vegetable oil with baking soda with oil. This mixture should have a thick paste like consistency so 2 tablespoon of baking soda in one tablespoon of vegetable oil should do the trick. If needed, you can increase the proportion to get right consistency for proper application of the paste on the greasy surface. After making this paste you should rub the paste on the kitchen grease with a soft cloth. You should use this paste to add shine to your kitchen cabinets and other greasy area in a smart manner. You can use this paste to add shine to all the places including cupboard, hinges and handles as well. Other than this, you can use the same on your kitchen counter top as well. You should use this in a circular motion and after that you should rinse it with clean water for optimum result.

Scrub it with soap: Sometime you may need to use scrubs to clean the surface for optimum result. If you are not able to find any good result with above solution, then you should make a soapy solution with a dishwasher liquid and then you should use scrub to clean the surface. That will be not an easy option for cleaning, but that can do wonder for you. The good thing about scrubbing is that it uses force and solution both for cleaning. When you apply pressure with scrub on the stain or kitchen grease, then its particles start breaking gradually and soon you can get a good and clean spot. This kind of method work really great on all the hard surface like kitchen top or metal object .However, if you are trying to clean wooden cupboards or similar options using this method, then you might make some damage or stain on that material. So, in that particular situation you should keep the damage in your mind to have optimum result.

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Take experts help: In some cases, you may fail to remove the stubborn kitchen grease by yourself regardless of all of your efforts. That can happen and I am not saying you did anything wrong in your efforts. That just mean that particular stain or grease is not easy to clean and I would suggest you to contact some experts for that. Some people can also recommend you to use strong chemicals for cleaning of very hard kitchen grease. I agree, that may do the work, but that will never be safe for you and your family. When you will call some experts, then they may prefer to use the strong chemicals for this kitchen grease cleaning, but they do it regularly, so they know how to do it properly. Also, they use all kind of safety measures to do the cleaning which is not possible for you. So, I would say, if above methods are not working for you and you are not able to clean it, then calling some experts would be the best suggestion for you from my side.



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