How To Make Your Aircon Cold Again?

As Singapore is located in Asia, hence it is prone to experience humid weather all year through. Thus, it is not a surprise that aircon in Singapore are a big deal.

You will find an aircon in almost every home and office, but you will seldom find people taking the proper steps to maintain it. And this negligence, leads to insufficient cooling which is of course a problem but, it is also accompanied with high energy cost which is absolutely unwanted by everyone.

So, if you are also dealing with an aircon that cannot cool your room properly then you should take immediate step to take care of this problem. To help you to deal with this, here are for you are the 10 reasons why your aircon is not cooling according to your preference and also how to make your aircon cold again effectively:

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10 reasons why your aircon is not cold anymore?

Blocked air filter

Due to improper maintenance, the air filter in the air condition may gather dust which results into blocked air filter. Because of this, the machine is unable to circulate cool air in the room. This problem can be easily solved by cleaning or changing the filter.

Blocked compressor

Other than blocked filter, blocked compressor is also another common problem Singaporean who owns aircon face regularly. The outdoor unit gets exposed to dust and dirt way too much and thus not cleaning it frequently will result into blocked compressor. Besides, the outdoor unit should be clear of any kind of obstructions. If there are presence of tall grasses and trees, then due to the blockage the compressor cannot properly cool the refrigerant, which means improper production of cool air in the room.

Defective compressor

It also could be that you have got a defected compressor. In such a case, you need to first check the capacity of the compressor and also check the overload protector and replace it to make the air conditioner cold again.

Blocked drainage pipe

Aircon removes the moisture from the room and this forms water in the machine. A condensate drainage pipe is thus installed in the machine to remove this water. If somehow this drainage pipe gets blocked then the air condition fails to work properly again.

Incorrect thermostat setting

Believe it or not, many people make the silly mistake of not setting the thermostat correctly. Most model has “on” and “auto” options so try switching it to “auto” from “on”. The “auto” option will ensure that the aircon is blowing out air according to the temperature of the room.

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Low refrigerant gas

Many times leaks cause the level of refrigerant gas to lower down which result into circulation of warm air by the machine. This is quite a serious problem that should be dealt with immediately.

In need of chemical replacement

If your aircon is comparatively old, then in such a case it may be that your machine needs a chemical replacement or overhaul to work effectively again.

Problems with fan wheel

The fan in the indoor unit sometimes stops working properly which results into circulation of warm air. The motor’s inability to work properly can be a reason why the fan is not working properly. If you see that the fan is indeed working correctly then the problem can lie in the capacitor.

Problems with ductwork
Many times it is not the aircon but the ductwork of your HVAC system that is not working properly.

Problems with condenser coil

Any problem and/or accumulated dirt in the condenser coil are major reasons why the aircon is not working properly and the room is not becoming cold as it once used to.

How to make your aircon cold again?

Besides the above-mentioned 10 reasons, there are many other reasons to why your air conditioner is not doing its job accurately. You might notice that all these problems, although minor, require taking apart the machine. And then there is the taking out parts and putting in new ones if the problem is caused by damaged/defected parts. Thus, if you do not have the right knowledge, tools and safety gear then, it is highly advised that you do not take on the job to fix your aircon yourself.

So, what to do in this situation? Well the answer is simple; contact an expert air conditioner repairing service. Such a service has the training and experience to point out the problem behind the machine’s incapability to produce cold air, and of course, they can effectively solve the problem at hand also.

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How to tell if the aircon repairing service is indeed the best?

Now the question comes, how can you know that the aircon repairing service of your choosing is indeed an expert? To help you out with that, here are some features that are only seen in an expert repairing service/company:

An expert repairing service will only have technicians that are experienced and well-trained. So, this means that they are indeed expert in repairing an aircon of any age, model and manufacturer. Check the company’s website or read reviews of the service to make sure that you are only getting the best help.

An expert repairing service will offer comparative rates and that too without compromising their work. Best way to check this will be by comparing a bunch of companies to see the price of the services and the types/number of services offered by them.

An expert repairing service wants to provide the best help which means they will suggest you the best solution and not push you to replace parts. Promises like no hidden cost, clear quotations and also helpful customer care services are some of the traits that you should be looking for. Also, make sure that the company provides emergency services so that you can take immediate help next time.
Here it also should be mentioned that an expert repairing service provides some sort of promise like guaranteed helpful and effective service. Anyways, besides all these, do not forget to check if the company/individual is registered or not. A licensed company means it has all the necessary requirements to provide this kind of service.

Now you know why your aircon is not cold and how to effectively make it cold again. So, follow the guide given here to choose an expert aircon repairing service. And in no time you will again be able to enjoy cold and relaxing air from your aircon just like when it was a brand new machine.


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