How To Evaluate Your Home Maintenance

If you are from Singapore and are home owners looking for the right maintenance tips for your home, then it is quite likely that you will have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. Building a home is fine but maintaining it in good shape is totally a different cup of tea. Hence over the next few lines we will try and find out the various things to be kept in mind as far as home maintenance is concerned. We are sure these few tips will certainly help a lot in identifying the right needs after taken into account the actual situation on the ground.

Home Maintenance

Start With A Plan

However big or small the home might be, the first starting point is to have a solid action plan as far as maintenance of the home is concerned. At the end of the day there is no doubt that the home is the mirror of your self-image. Hence you should ensure that it remains in the best of condition at all points of time. Whether it is the outdoor, or the indoors, proper attention must be paid and as a homeowner you need to go into the detail. Without this in place you will not be able to properly get the work done. Once the plan has been done, you should find out ways and means by which you can work on the plan.

Have Some Budget In Hand

While most of the maintenance can be done by the home owners and their family members on a weekend, there are replacements and repairs which will become essential over a period of time. Hence, when planning for home maintenance it is important to keep this point in mind. A better way forward would be to create a home repair and maintenance fund and you could save small amounts on a monthly basis. You will be able to create a fund which will help you when you need it the most. These could be used for small repair and renewals. However, there could be big repairs running into thousands of dollars for which this find may not be very useful.

Home Maintenance

Take One Portion At A Time

When we talk about maintenance of a home, we usually refer to indoors, outdoors, garden, backyard, roof/terrace and garage. We should understand the importance of take up one place or a portion at a time and complete it. It would be difficult to clean and do maintain the entire home at one go. Hence it would be better to plan it in phases and complete one portion thoroughly. This will help you to plan your resources properly and your budgets will also be in place. You will be in a position to allocate your time and resources better.

It Needs Attitude And Staying Positive

You must understand that cleaning and maintaining a home on a regular basis and is not an easy job. It calls for having the right attitude and staying positive. It involves lot of physical work and perhaps dirtying your hands and bodies in more ways than one. Hence it calls for strengthening your mind and body. Getting up early on a Saturday and Sunday morning and perhaps spending a major portion of the weekend cleaning the home well and truly involves motivating your mind in more ways than one.

Involving Children

The next important thing is to ensure that kids and children are made a part of the maintenance jobs. They can well and truly be amazing. Their bodies are flexible and they are small in size. Hence whether it is reaching difficult corners or nooks of the home or using ladders to good effect, they will be able to do it much better than most grown up people. However, here again it is a question of motivation. This is because children would not like to get involved in these kinds of “boring” jobs and as parents you must find out ways and mean which you can motivate them. You could incentivize their involvement by gifting them something which they like and adore. At the end of the day the moot point is that

Home Maintenance

Assign Jobs And Responsibilities

To ensure that your home remains in shape, there must be team effort. Therefore, when the cleaning job is taken up it would be a great idea to assign roles and responsibilities for each one of the members of the family. This will make the job easier and each member will know what their roles and responsibilities are. Additionally when the home is cleaned and make spick and span, children and kids in particular should be made aware about their importance to keep their rooms in good shape. Littering things around, painting the walls or using crayons to disfigure the wall should be avoided. Educating the children at an early age will certainly help in more ways than one.

Gather Knowledge And Information

The internet could be extremely useful when it comes to getting some knowledge and information about the various home maintenance tips. There are many people who will be ready to share their experience and expertise and there are many community sites where such information is available. Though there could be professionals who could do the maintenance job at a cost, it would be better to get it done with the help of your family and of course you playing an important role. The professionals will be doing the job for money while you and your family members will be doing out of love for your home.


At the end of the day there is no doubt that home cleaning and maintaining is a continuous job and there are only commas and no full stops. Given the dust and pollution all around us, it must be done periodically and you must therefore draw up a time table and go by it. As mentioned earlier, proper planning is at the crux of this and you must spend enough time doing the right planning. Finally home maintenance cannot be a single persons’ job and unless there is genuine interest and involvement shown by other members of the home, it may not be possible to keep the home clean and in good condition for a long period of time.


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