How To Do Your Own Post Renovation Cleaning?

Renovation is a taxing project that results in a lot of dust and pieces of stick all over the house. After the process, the workmen leave dust, smudges, trash and scuff marks all over the house. Cleaning up after a renovation can be a daunting task. This is especially so if the renovation was conducted over a large area. If the area is large, then there is more debris to clean up. This process requires that you have the necessary tools to do this. In some cases, you may not be able to clean up after the renovation because of your schedule or other reasons. Thankfully, there are clean up companies which will conduct Post renovation cleaning for you.

Renovation Cleaning

Surfaces that you should clean after renovation

When cleaning up after a renovation, there are specific surfaces that require your attention. In this process, you should clean the walls. They are usually filled with smudges, dirt as well as scuffs. Also, you should clean up the ceilings as well as any ceiling fans if you have some. The trim, door-frames and baseboards need to be cleaned as well.

The baseboards are especially notorious for collecting scuff marks from the boots of the workmen as well as spills. The door-frames are more than likely covered in dust. In addition to these, ensure that you dust the mantels, handrails and any other woodwork that you have in your house. It will be covered in dust after the renovation and the dust can simply destroy the wood. As you clean up the doors, ensure that you focus on the door hinges as well. These can be clogged with dust, dirt or mud. It is important to clean them so that they can keep working properly.

The rocks, bricks as well as marble surfaces in the house should also be cleaned. This is so that the dust that has accumulated on them does not scratch them up and destroy them. The carpet should also get your specialized attention. Ensure that you vacuum it. Moreover, you can blot away any materials that are stuck on it. As you clean up the carpet, ensure that you focus on the edges as well. The floor is one of the larger surfaces that you should clean after a renovation.

Ensure that you use the proper method and tools to clean the floor according to the type of floor that you have. Wooden floors require very special cleaning methods so as to avoid scratching them or destroying the wood. The windows should also get cleaned. The glass, frame as well as tracks require to be cleaned. If there are any stickers on the glass, you should remove them.

Electrical fixtures should also get your cleaning attention. The bulbs, bulb roses, switches and outlets should be wiped carefully. Ensure that the main switch is off as you clean the electrical fixtures, this is so that you avoid getting electrocuted. The vacuum ducts as well as closets should also get your attention as you clean up. Don’t forget the blinds and shutters too. These should be cleaned so that the wind does not blow the dust that has accumulated on them into the room.

Renovation Cleaning

What you need to clean the house after renovation

There are a number of tools that you will need to clean up the house after a renovation. You will need some air filters, brooms and towels. These should be soft. Moreover, you will need some tape, a vacuum cleaner and dryer sheets that have been used. You will also need a mop as well as cleaning fluid for the specific floor that you want to clean. The process is long and pretty tedious. Thus, you also need to be patient as you clean.

How to clean up after renovation

The main factor that you want to remove from the house after renovation is the dust. This needs to be cleaned in a special way so as to avoid spreading it all over the house again. The first spot where you can clean away the dust are the air filters. Dust can collect on these. Moreover, when air blows through the filters it can carry the dust back into the house. Thus, clean the air filters first. If they are too clogged with dust and debris, you can simply replace them. After cleaning them, you are sure that the dust will not be blown right back into the house after you are done.

The shelves and ledges also require dusting and cleaning. Ensure that as you clean these, you remember the wall surfaces around them. If you have a ledge that is high up, ensure that you clean it up first before cleaning the wall surface that is under it. You should not clean the wall before cleaning the ledge. This is to avoid having the dust and debris from the ledge from spreading to the clean walls.

To remove all the dust from the walls, you can get a soft towel and moisten it with water. Then you can wrap the moist towel around the cleaning end of the broom. If you need to, you can wrap tape around the broom and towel so as to hold it in place. You can then lift up the moist towel with the handle of the broom and use it to clean up the walls. Use wiping motions to remove the dust from the walls. This can effectively eradicate all the dust from the walls.

For the baseboards and the ledges, dryer sheets that have been used are superb for cleaning away the dust. Dryer sheets that have had a cycle in the dryer can collect dust from the house by attracting it. You can wipe the ledges and surfaces using the dryer sheets. After that, simply toss the used dryer sheets in the trash.

You can make use of the vacuum cleaner to clean up the floors. Ensure that you make use of the proper settings for your type of floor. If the vacuum cleaner has a filter, keep an eye on it and lean it as needed. This will ensure that the unit effectively cleans the floor.


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