How To Clean Aircon by Myself

Aircon cleaning is an activity that every owner should consider partaking every once in a while. The reason for doing this is to get rid of dirt and bacteria that have found accumilation in it in the event of making your air fresh and clean. The task therefore require a dedication and proper cleaning process if you have to get rid of all the dirt. The process involves opening of the conditioning sysytem to reach the innermost parts and it is therefore not a thing to do within a minute. It requires a lot of care else you will destroy the system in the name of cleaning. The following are some of the aircon cleaning guidelines towards leaving it spotlessly clean.

Aircon Cleaning

For the cleaning process to commence, the first thing that you need to do is to switch off the power supply to the aircon else you will get shocked. From here, you can confidently remove the outer casing. Remember, the aim is to reach the coils efficiently and thus anything that comes your way to prevent you from reaching them, and you have to remove them as well. After they are now accessible and you have their location, It is time to do the cleaning. Using a duster or a stiff brush, ensure that you first brush off the dust on them. Brushing cannot remove all the dirt as some are fixed. Use a detergent that cleans suitably with water and then rinses it off to ensure the removal of all the dirt. Ensure that the coil fins are in the right condition and shape before you finish with this part. Be sure to leave the bent straight for better performance later on.

Cleaning the filters

To clean the filters, you first need to remove the indoor units, which play a very significant role in getting rid of the airborne diseases. The unit consists of a large mesh and other two small ones. As the name suggests, the filter traps a lot of dust, and hence, it requires a particular cleaning time which should be regularly. Dirt might clog due to the role it plays, and vacuum cleaning may apply to the stubborn parts that require more than water. Be sure not to introduce any particulates to the inside as this may cause damage.

Cleaning the air conditioner unit

It is easy to clean this particular place. A lot of dirt may accumulate, especially when there was a storm and in the process of keeping your air fresh, the conditioner traps a lot of dust. These dust particles only require the use of a brush to dust them off, and the conditioner unit gets clean.

Cleaning the indoor fan coil unit

To reach the destination, you have to be armed with screwdrivers to remove the indoor chassis. When done with this, spray the indoor fan with a preferable detergent and leave it for some time. Using warm water, rinse off the soap until there is no more dirt in the water or the detergent itself. The water you use for the rinsing collects int the dripping pan which does not require flooding, and you should, therefore, ensure it drains before you go on. Having the clean fan coil, it is now time to put the chassis back. Ensure that the coil is dry before you get everything back to its position.

Cleaning the aircon outdoor

Firstly, you should ensure is that the surrounding is clean and that is keeping the grass short, sweeping off the leaves, removing cobwebs among other simple tasks to prevent them from making it dirty. Well, even if you do all these, it will still get dirty and to clean the external parts, you can use a vacuum cleaner that removes all the dirt from it.

Aircon Cleaning

Air conditioner servicing

Your air conditioner requires a professional service once in a while, be it once in a while to ensure a smooth running. The servicing includes checking on the gas levels, testing the thermostat, and ensuring that its internal conditions are perfect and in good shape to facilitate efficient results. Without this, it might run you into unexpected disasters.

To conclude, the air conditioner plays a great role in the home by improving the quality of air and making it fresh. It ensures the removal of the dust particles and bacteria in the air that may cause airbone diseases. Aircon cleaning is, therefore, an activity that you should put into consideration for it to work efficiently.


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