How Much Does Marble Polishing Cost in Singapore?

Most of the homeowners in Singapore will like to maintain the shine and elegance of their marble flooring, regardless of the size of their home, whether it is a luxurious villa or a condo. But maintaining the looks of a marble floor is not easy especially for those with busy work schedules as marble polishing needs lots of time and money to restore the shine of the marble floor.

Marble Polishing

Cost of polishing marble in Singapore

On average, the cost of marble polishing in Singapore varies from $1.2 to $4.8 per square feet. But there are certain factors that can increase or decrease this cost to c considerable level. Some of these factors are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Factors influencing the cost of polishing marble

Type of marble installed:
People fond of installing natural stone flooring in their home, regardless of its size, choose marble stone from a wide range of colors and shades to match with their preferences and requirements.

Climatic temperature:
It is a known fact that marble flooring can be maintained very easily at room temperature but if the temperature of a home is excessively hot then it may require to be cooled down to save lots of money. You will have to use your air conditioner to maintain the temperature of your home at the required level.

Quality of flooring solution used:
Some of the solutions used for marble polishing can provide long-lasting shine to your flooring. They will maintain the aesthetic appeal of the floor if cared properly.

The frequency of polishing floor:
The marble floors usually need regular polishing and sealing to maintain their looks for a long time. If you have not polished the floor of your condo in Singapore for several years then the cost of marble polishing as well as cleaning solutions required for this purpose will naturally increase to a considerable level.

The present condition of the floor:
The most important factor that can affect the cost of marble polishing in Singapore is the current condition of the floor to be polished. Though marble is considered as the most durable stone for flooring but it can get stained and destructed depending upon the amount of foot traffic on it.

Type of cleaning required:
If your marble floor is much stained or has marks of abrasion then it may need thorough cleaning before polishing by using the best cleaning and polishing solutions as equipment required for it.

The smoothness of the marble:
You marble floors may need polishing more frequently is the grit level of the marble is significantly high due to excessive footfall. So before calling a professional marble polishing service, it will be good for you to evaluate the status of your marble floor in Singapore.

Marble Polishing

Quality of polishing solution:
If you buy a polishing solution for your marble floors from one of the best companies then naturally its cost will be higher due to the reliability and quality of their material. You can expect long-lasting results by using the best cleaning agents for your marble floor. It will be necessary for you to use special equipment and compounds for marble polishing if you want a highly glossy floor in your home. In such a condition, your cost of polishing the marble floor can increase.

Size of the floor:
Though the range of the cost of marble polishing in Singapore varies from $1.2 to $4.8 per square feet still what you will have to pay will depend upon the area to be polished by the professionals. Moreover, the cost of polishing marble can be reduced if your floor is regularly maintained.

Sealing of the floor:
The stain resistance of your marble floors can be increased by sealing it during its routine maintenance as it can prevent stains by absorbing moisture on it. Most of the floor cleaning services in Singapore consider that 60-70% floor area to be polished will require to be sealed to maintain its looks for a long time. The moisture in the environment of coastal cities can affect the shine of natural stones in a natural manner. The sealing of marble floors can increase their aesthetic looks and durability for a long time.

Thus, the cost of marble polishing in Singapore can be controlled by following the tips discussed in this write-up.


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