How Important Is Regular Aircon Servicing?

Air con servicing will keep most air conditioning systems from having problems or completely breaking down before it is their natural time to go. The problem is some customers do end up with costly repairs or find themselves in need of a completely new system from time to time. To these customers, it seems like the air con services they used failed to do their job.

You hire an aircon servicing technician to come check out your air system on a routine basis. They come into your home at the scheduled time, spend a brief period with y our air conditioning system, shake your hand and walk away with your money. It may sometimes feel like you are paying for nothing, but maintenance aircon services are crucial to the life of your system.

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The Value of a Brief Checks Up

It's a good thing when your aircon servicing technician comes in and is gone again in a relatively short period. If they are in and out before you can blink an eye, then there is a chance they aren't doing their job thoroughly, but relatively short visits are entirely typical for a healthy air conditioning system.

The job of your air con servicing technician is to make sure the filter has been changed properly, the system is clean and that to make sure everything is functioning properly. They will make sure that you are ready to cool down your home when the hot air starts to hit, and that doesn't always take a lot of time.

If your air con services tend to be very quick, then you probably have a good air conditioning system in great condition. This allows the technician to check everything out, notice that there are no problems or threats of problems to fix, and move on to their next appointment.

So, next time your aircon servicing technician is in and out take it as a compliment. If you think they aren't looking the system over thoroughly, then have another come in and do your aircon services. You will see how long the second service takes to go over your system and if they find any problems the first service overlooked.

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Long Term Relationships

If your air con services are conducted by the same company or technician every year, then they are going to get familiar with your system. This allows them to check the system out a bit faster since they have done it every year for some years.

The longer you work with an air con servicing technician, the more faith you will have in them to find and fix the problems when they present themselves. The rest of the time you can appreciate the fact that the aircon services do not take a lot of time out of your schedule.

If you go a few years with the same air con servicing company, and they keep your system in proper working order with no problems, then you don't have to worry so much about why their visits may not be very long. The results of a great system year after year will tell you that they are doing their job in the time they do spend at your home.

A Healthy System

A healthy aircon servicing won't take a ton of time. It is when you need to replace parts, clean out the system, or make other repairs that the visits must grow longer. Unfortunately, that is also when your bill gets pricier.

It is always better to enjoy the short aircon services than to complain and end up paying the big bucks because longer visits are needed. Just remember that you are never wasting your money with aircon servicing.

Regular Aircon Servicing

Following are some common reasons that aircon servicing may fail to pick up on or correct a major problem before it happens:

1: Lack of Consistency

Aircon servicing technicians are better able to pick up on potential problems before they become problems if they are admitted into the home to do routine check ups on the system. If long periods of time are allowed to pass between service dates, then there is a greater chance something can go wrong in between those dates. This is crucial for homeowners to maintain a routine schedule with their aircon services. Appointments need to be made ahead of time, written down on the calendar and kept religiously. This is a way to make sure your air con servicing technicians are familiar with your system and come into the home often enough to catch the potential problem quickly.

2: Putting Off Repairs

Those who do schedule regular air con services may sometimes put off making recommended repairs. They may not have the money at the time the repair is corrected and over time they may completely forget about the recommendation. Another problem comes with an aircon service technician says a repair is going to be needed shortly but doesn't have to be done right away. It is always best to just go ahead and take care of it so you know there is no chance of it turning into a bigger and bigger problem as you wait. If your aircon servicing technician says you will need to make a repair, go ahead and do whatever you have to do to make it happen. This will protect your system, so you don't have to go through stifling hot breakdowns later on.

3: Hiring the Wrong Service Technician

You get to choose between individual aircon servicing technicians working for themselves and professional companies that hire a variety of technicians to provide aircon services to their customers. Whichever way you go, you have to check into their background before you officially hire them. You want to make sure your aircon servicing technician takes the job seriously, has all the education or experience they need to do a good job and is honest. You need them to fill you in on the condition of your air conditioning system, so you know what is happening and what needs to be done in the future. If they are just charging for parts and not fixing the problems, your air conditioning system is in trouble.

4: Customers Not Doing Their Part

Finally, aircon services rely upon property owners to do their part most of the time. This means changing the filters on a routine basis and noticing as early as possible when something seems to go wrong. Without this, your system could break down despite the best aircon servicing.


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