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Everyone would like their home to look spic and span everyday but home cleaning can take a lot of time and as we all know, there’s never enough hours in a day to do everything we want to do and also keep the house as clean as we’d like to. At the most, we will manage to get some quick vacuuming and dusting done about once or twice a week. However, while that may be enough to prevent the home from looking a total mess, you do need to do more than that to achieve that much wanted spic and span look. Dust that accumulates under the furniture needs to be cleared away. The window panes and window grills need to be cleaned. The drapes and upholstery need to be vacuumed and the kitchen needs to be totally scrubbed. If just the thought of getting all of this done gives you nightmares, then perhaps you should consider hiring Ehomeservices Company in Singapore. This is a company offering essential home services including cleaning services, air con services and painting.

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Types of Home Services

These are some of the services offered by this company in Singapore;
1. Part time maid services-

If you spend most of your time at work or simply lack enough time to clean your home, a professional cleaner from Ehomeservices can help you out. The cleaner will perform cleaning at your home at specified periods according to the agreement with the company.

2. Air con services-

Ehomeservices offers air con services such as installation and repair. They make sure that your home is well ventilated and free of foul smell and unwanted insects.

3. Laundry dry cleaning services-

Sometimes you may lack enough time to clean your clothes. A home service company will help you dry clean or wash your clothes at affordable rates. They even provide pick and delivery services.

4. Window cleaning services-

Windows are extremely exposed to dust because the unclean air passes through before it reaches the inside of the building. Therefore, it is very important to clean them timely. It is a demanding and tough task to clean windows. It is simple to clean the windows in a single storey building because one needs a window wiper and rag to clean the window glasses. But it is not possible in case of high-rise buildings. The need of processionals is must if there is more than one building storey. The experts of Ehomeservices use all the modern tools to clean up the windows like special purpose machines, heavy equipment and others.

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5.Carpet cleaning-

Carpets are certainly one of the most essential things that can be seen in almost every home. They enhance look of the room. They can either make or break the complete look of the place. Carpets are available in different sizes, colors, fabrics, prints and designs. They attract dirt, fine particles and germs quite easily. We can see stains pop out even if we take proper care and keep them clean. A dirty carpet can destroy the complete look of the room and make them messy, unclean and untidy. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of carpets all the time so that you do not have to compromise with the room appearance.

Reasons to Hire Ehomeservices

There are various reasons to choose this company to perform home services for you. They include:

Time is extremely precious. Be it for office workers or business professionals, time is something that never seems to be sufficient. They are unable to understand how the day elapses at their working premises. After an entire days toil, cleaning residential houses becomes a burden for them. On top of that, when reputable professional cleaning service providers are readily available to provide affordable services, then why waste time doing such time consuming activities?

Change in Priorities

Gone are the days when women used to remain within the confinements of the four walls. Nowadays, most families allow both, husband and wife to work at offices. In that case, expecting either of them to return home and start doing the cleaning works would be an act of foolery. The modern women like to concentrate on more useful jobs rather than polishing house floors and walls. Men also feel proud to announce their working wife’s name to their family members, friends and relatives.

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Quality Services

An old adage states, Work should be done by the experts of the field. Ehomeservices know the best method, to ensure premises remain dirt free without harming any object. They guarantee crystal clean services for your flat, apartment or/and bungalow. They never compromise on the quality of their services, because they know their future success lies in satisfying their present customers.

Washing Agents
Only professional companies that offer commercial and residential cleaning services remain acquainted with the best cleaning agents available in the market. Ehomeservices remain abreast with all the new, old, inexpensive, efficient, harmless and easily found cleaning agents. They make it a point to use such agents which prove harmless not only to the floors but also to the carpets, accessories and additional stuff kept in the room.


These professional corporations are prepared to serve you 24 hours each day. Whenever you'll need their services, you just must call them and they may provide the service you call for. Additionally, when you have any problems then they'll be prepared to make it easier to in any way possible. Furthermore, they make certain that the service they give is one hundred percent great and you will have no complaints at all. They are going to be certain that you are content with their service. Even when you do have a complaint then they'll be sure it is actually their initially priority to set it ideal.

Charges & Savings

If you think adhering to professional services would make your pockets empty, then you must have been living under the rocks for some time. Ehomeservices don’t levy charges that will make customers break a bank. They strategize their charges and services so that customers return to them, again and again. As said before, no businessman desires to close their shop. They strive to fix services charges according to the sector of customers they wish to serve.


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