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Statistical data collected recently strongly indicates that a majority of people spend most of their time at home. It therefore goes without saying that homes need to be very clean, properly organized and have a pleasant fragrance as well. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle especially in urban areas leaves people with so little time that they cannot get time to clean and carry out household chores. This is where E Home services come in. It is a professional cleaning company that is situated in Singapore. It specializes in cleaning facilities, dusting facilities, undertaking necessary repair services and lastly offering routine maintenance services.

E Home Services


There are many cleaning services that ehomeservices offers to their clients. These services comprise of the following:

• Air conditioning services.
• Comprehensive carpet cleaning services.
• Thorough upholstery cleaning services.
• Interior design as well as renovation services.
• Convenient part time maid services.
• Laundry dry cleaning services.
• General cleaning services.
• Movers and relocation services.
• Kitchen cabinets and painting services.
• Wrought iron gates and aluminum window cleaning services.
• Carpet, blinds and curtain cleaning services.
The above services in addition to many more are offered for both homes and offices of clients.

Why Hire E Home Services -

There are numerous reasons why residents of Singapore should strongly consider hiring the professional cleaning services offered by E Home Services, the notable ones include the following:

Part Time Services -

The Company offers part time maid services to all their esteemed clients. This means that personnel employed by the company visit the homes of their clients at certain times of the day to clean both the interior and exterior areas of their houses. This is advantageous to clients as they can choose when they need the services. It is also beneficial as it is not always necessary to clean homes so it is somewhat convenient.

Aircon Services -

Residents of Singapore comprehend best the contribution of air conditioners in making homes habitable. Aircon services are inclusive of supplying the equipment, installing them and repairing them when they malfunction or break down. E Home Services has heavily invested in training and hiring skilled personnel who ensure that all aircon services offered to clients are excellent. The aircon services that the company offers is truly unparalleled as it will increase the comfort experienced in clients’ homes a hundred fold.

General Cleaning Services -

The Company is very thorough when it comes to cleaning as they find and clean those spots that tend to be overlooked. No section of a building is unreachable to E Home Services. This general cleaning encompasses areas such as tables, drawers as well as electrical equipment to leave the home of clients spotlessly clean. It is able to deliver excellent general cleaning services as it has energetic personnel and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

E Home Services

Carpet Cleaning -

It has a carpet cleaning that is knowledgeable in all the methods of cleaning carpets as they normally vary depending on the fabric. They utilize potent chemicals, the right cleaning equipment and manpower that is endowed with the appropriate expertise. This way clients that use their carpet cleaning services can say goodbye to allergies that are as a result of dust accumulation on carpets. Furthermore, their professional carpet cleaning service is guaranteed to make the carpets of clients last longer and therefore saves costs that would have been incurred in replacing them.

Laundry Services -

Most people find laundry cleaning to be very tedious and boring. Fortunately, E Home Services is here to relieve clients of the stress of having to clean their clothes. Clients are only required to arrange their dirty laundry according to level of dirt accumulation and color and E Home Services will take care of the rest. The best part is that they are delivered back very clean, properly ironed and ready to be worn.

Upholstery Cleaning -

The kind of upholstery cleaning service offered by the company is a safe and gentle one so that no single piece is destroyed or interfered with in any way. Their vast knowledge on stains is what facilitates their exemplary upholstery cleaning services.

Price -

The Company offers home cleaning services at very affordable rates as they are aware of the hard financial times and also understand that people need to dwell in clean homes for good health.

Variety -

Versatility is another name by which E Cleaning Services is referred to as. This is because it offers clients a good number of cleaning services to ensure that most of their cleaning needs are adequately addressed.

E Home Services

Why Trust E Home Services -

There are several reasons why clients should trust the professional cleaning services offered by E Home Services, the main reasons are as follows:

Reputation –

The Company is among the top cleaning companies in the whole of Singapore. Their excellent work has enabled them to gain popularity among the locals. Actually, the company has had an increasing clientele base as a result of referrals. This means that the cleaning services they offer are reliable and effective. All the testimonials on the company are positive to mean that they can be fully trusted with all home cleaning needs.


It has only hired staff that is properly trained in their areas of expertise to ensure that clients get nothing but the best services that they possibly can.

Wealth of experience –

It has been offering professional cleaning services to their clients in Singapore for quite some time. This is what has given them a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry. The experience accrued over time allows them to make sound cleaning decisions and to have an informed approached to challenges that may be experienced in their line of duty. This implies that clients that decide to use their services can fully trust them to deliver on their promise.

Diligence –

Before the staff of E Cleaning Services begins cleaning a home, they take their time to properly investigate each and every aspect of the particular home. They then proceed to talk to the client in order to get to learn about their desires and expectations of the cleaning exercise.


If you live in Singapore and you need home or office cleaning services, you are now aware of ehomeservices and their excellent services. With ehomeservices clients are guaranteed of a clean home or office that is very inviting to guests as well as the hosts.


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