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Cleaning your home can be a difficult task. Think about it when was the last time that you really took time to scrub your floors and surfaces spotlessly clean? No doubt it is not something you do every other day, and there is a high likelihood that it is not something you look forward to doing either. However, this does not mean that you should idly sit by as layers of grime and dirt accumulate in your home. Living in a dirty home is no way to live. It doesn’t matter whether you come home tired after work, and simply can’t lift a finger to clean the house compromising on the cleanliness of your house is a definite no-no.

E Home Services

The good news is that you can use the services of reputable home cleaning service providers, such as the ehome services. Ehome services is a leading home cleaning services provider in Singapore.

Here are some of the cleaning services that the company offers:

1. Aircon Cleaning

One cannot overemphasize on the need to have an air conditioning system that is working correctly. To show just how important this is, imagine what it would feel like to live in a house with a non- functional Aircon. In addition to the discomfort of temperature extremes, you may also have to contend with stinking smells in your house. To make matters worse, your home could turn into a breeding place for any number of insects and other organisms, all of which pose a serious health risk to all those who reside in the house. It can’t get any worse than that, can it? Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your Aircon system is working correctly at all times. In case you need Aircon cleaning services, do not hesitate to contact ehome services. The company can also install new Aircon systems, repair broken systems or even entirely replace Air conditioners that are beyond repair.

2. Laundry Services

One has to admit that cleaning family clothes on an everyday basis can be not only tiresome, but impractical at times. If you get stressed every time you think of doing laundry, then ehome services is the perfect solution to all your troubles. The only thing you have to do is sort the clothes according to color and how dirty they are, and you might as well consider the clothes clean. The clothes will be picked from your house, laundered, ironed and then returned. It couldn’t get any easier than that. Spare yourself the stress of having to wash mounds of dirty clothes everyday- let ehome services shoulder that burden for you.

E Home Services

3. Carpet Cleaning

That cleaning a carpet is an energy draining task is an undeniable fact. But the most difficult bit of cleaning carpets is not so much the physical exertion as it is about the skill required when cleaning. Cleaning carpets is a delicate affair. Each type of fabric requires specific chemicals and equipment when cleaning. Cleaning your carpet with just any cleaning agent you come across may do your carpet more harm than good. Without doubt, cleaning carpets is work that is best left to experts. While it is true that you do not need to clean your carpet every day, there is real need to have it cleaned every once in a while. Dust tends to easily accumulate on your carpet very easily, and this is a health hazard. Sometimes, unsightly spills and spots on your carpet can be a constant source of embarrassment to you. It is therefore important that you have your carpet cleaned periodically. Cleaning it regularly is also part of good maintenance. Do not hesitate to call ehome services every once in a while to clean the carpet.

4. Upholstery Cleaning

Additionally, ehome services offer professional upholstery cleaning services. If you have tried cleaning upholstery on your own before, you will agree that it is not the easiest thing to do. If you are not familiar with the chemicals that are ideal for cleaning upholstery, the job can be relatively frustrating. Trying to remove stubborn stains with just any chemical can prove to be futile. Just like with carpets, cleaning upholstery is work that is best left to experts. In case you were wondering who the experts in this case are, look no further than ehome services.

E Home Services

5. General Cleaning

Ehome services go beyond cleaning specific places in your home. If you feel like the entire house needs thorough cleaning, simply call this home cleaning service provider. It doesn’t matter whether you simply don’t have the time and energy to exert yourself to cleaning the house, or there are parts of your house that are out of your reach, just call ehome services and your house is as good as clean. Once they are done with your house, the transformation will most likely be more than what you had expected.

6. Part time maid services

One other service designed to make your life easier that ehome services offers is part time maid service. If you want someone to come daily or several times in a week to clean your house, be sure to contact ehome services. Part time maid services are the ultimate definition of convenience. As a homeowner, there is little you have to do as these services call for minimal commitment on your part.


Ehome services is every homeowner’s ideal cleaning services provider. In today’s world, having to add home cleaning to the pile of other things that you must do every day can be hectic to say the least. But thanks to reliable home cleaning services such as ehome services, you can relax a little. You do not have to compromise between the cleanliness of your home and your rest- let the company shoulder the cleaning burden for you. In fact, the company does more than just clean your house- it renders professional cleaning services. You will be able to tell the difference when you walk in to your house after it has been professionally cleaned. But perhaps the best bit of it all is the fact that the services are offered at pocket friendly prices. You therefore have no reason to delay contacting ehome services- call them today to get professional home cleaning services.


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