Does Dry Cleaning Eliminate Odours?

Dry cleaning may remove and may also fail to remove the odors in your clothes. This will depend on whether you will clean your clothes or you will take them to a dry cleaning specialist to do the cleaning. The ability of the dry cleaning process to remove the odors depends on the way the dry cleaning specialist conducts the activity. A dry cleaner uses no water in the cleaning. Instead a dry cleaning specialist will use a series of chemicals designed to eliminate the particulate matter. The main aim of using a dry cleaner is to eliminate any possibility of fabric damage from water usage. You can use dry cleaning to clean any type of garment.

Dry Cleaning Eliminate Odours?

The major problem of using dry cleaning is that it is not an effective way of removing odors from fabrics. One of the reasons why dry cleaning fails in the operation is that odors are compounds based on oils and fats and any process can not easily remove them. You should avoid taking your clothes for cleaning to any dry cleaner as you may still get the smell of sweat even as the clothes look visibly cleaned.

How should I reduce the problem?

There are several things you can do to reduce odors occurring even after cleaning. One of them is to have the clothes cleaned by a highly experienced cleaner. The specialists are more specific on the types of cleaning agents they will use some of which are very effective in the odor removal. Working with such cleaners, you will always wear clothes, which are clean and also free from odors like sweat.

What should I do to remove the smell?

. Return the clothes to the dry cleaner

The smell you may experience may be a smell from the solvent they used to clean the cloth commonly known as perc. If the machine fails to work properly the clothes will have that musty smell to them. If the machine functions properly the cloth will not have any smell. You should take the cloth back to the dry cleaner for a second cleaning.

. Using baking soda

If you dry clean the clothes at home and still experience the smell, you should take the plastic bag that came with the dry cleaner and tie at the top around the hanger to ensure that no air will escape. Then fill a sock with some baking soda and tie at the end. Place this sock at the bottom of the bag and tie a knot tight at the bottom of the dry cleaning bag. You should leave the bag to remain like that for at least five days. Baking soda will absorb the odor or neutralize it.

Benefits of professional dry cleaning

. Alterations

Professional dry cleaners work as full service cloth care specialists and therefore offer alteration as one service in addition to cloth cleaning.

. Buttons repair

They will repair any loose button and sew on some new ones if necessary.

. More convenient

You will only have to drop your clothes for cleaning and then pick them up. The dry cleaner will take care of the rest and therefore you will no need to spend time doing laundry and ironing.

. Dry cleaning process is efficient

The dry cleaning process uses some fluids to remove stains and soils from the fabrics. Dry cleaning also has the ability to dissolve oil or even grease an advantage that you will not get through ordinary cleaning with the use of water. Some natural fibers like silk and wool will look beautiful when dry clean but will eventually shrink loose color after washing for a long time with water. Synthetic fibers like polyesters will also respond well to dry cleaning process as it completely removes any oily stains which you can hardly remove through hard washing. The dry cleaning specialist will try to change a cloth to like- a -new condition using precautions to prevent loss of color, shrinkage, and change of finish or texture.

Dry Cleaning Eliminate Odours?

. Expertise

A dry cleaning specialist will have the adequate knowledge and experience to clean your clothes of any fashion or fabric. You will have no need of cleaning the clothes yourself or invest in a home dry cleaning kit.

. Finishing

Dry cleaning experts will have special pressing equipments. The professional finishing will give your garments wrinkle free and like new appearance. Furthermore, after taking your clothes to the dry cleaner, you will not need to spend any time standing over an ironing board with an ironing box.

. Garment storage

If you have many clothes but with inadequate storage space, you can benefit from the storage services offered by dry cleaning specialists. They will store the garments in a vault, which will offer the clothes protection from insects, fire, burglary or mildew damage. Initially dry cleaners would store furs but today they also store household items and woolens.

. Extends the life of the garment

Some people may have a belief that frequent cleaning will damage a garment although this is not true. Expert cleaning will extend the life of the garment through proper removal of soils and stains.

. Reduce yellowing

Frequent cleaning will remove stain which if left can cause yellowing as a result of oxidation of the fabric. High exposure of the garment to heat and passage of time may cause stains from beverages, food, and any other oily product that can oxidize the garment and turn it brown or yellow. After the stains have turned yellow or brown they are more difficult to remove and many times a dry cleaner will not remove them.

. Wet cleaning

Cleaners may choose wet cleaning which is gentler to process the more sensitive textiles like rayon, silk, wool, and linen. Wet cleaning gives dry cleaners more options in processing items which has soils, but water usage would make the cleaning efficient. For example some clothes like the wedding gowns may have sequins or plastic beads, which may easily discolour in dry cleaning, but will perform well in wet cleaning. Furthermore, items with a large amount of water soluble stains will do well in wet cleaning.

. Stain removal

Dry cleaners will use special techniques and some special chemicals to remove any stain. There are two major categories of stains: water soluble stains and solvent soluble stains. Different stains will need different removal procedures and it will depend on the type of training the expert has gained.

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