Do We Have To Top Up Aircon Gas Regularly?

In Singapore, Aircon is one of the most essential electronic instruments that you can find in almost every house. But if you want to get better functioning from Aircon unit, then you need to do regular servicing and maintenance of your Aircon along with filling of gas in it. However, many people wonder if they have to top up Aircon gas regularly and they wonder why they need to do. In case you also have the same question in your mind and you want to know answer of this question then following are few answers that can tell you why we have to top up aircon gas regularly.

Aircon Gas Regularly

For reducing load on Aircon:

You need to understand that Aircon gas is the biggest factor that is responsible for proper cooling from your Aircon unit. The most less know thing about Aircon gas is that if you will have 20% less coolant in it then your Aircon unit will need to work 40% extra. That means it will put a lot of extra load on your Aircon unit and that will be not a good thing for your AC. This extra load will give troubles to your Aircon and you will end up having so many issues in it due to lack of Aircon gas. That means just by toping up the Aircon gas in your AC on a regular manner you can reduce a lot of load on your Aircon unit and you can get many benefits also with it.

For better cooling effects:

As I already explained efficiency of your Aircon reduce by 20% if you have 10% drops in Aircon gas. This explain itself that if you will have lack of Aircon gas in your Aircon unit then it will not give you the desired cooling and it will become less useful for you. However, if you will have the right amount of coolant in your Aircon unit then it will not create any issue of cooling and you will be able to have better cooing result by your Aircon unit that too without any extra addition in it. Hence, if I would say better cooling is one major factor to top up your Aircon gas on regular basis then there is nothing wrong in that statement.

For reducing the electricity bill:

When your Aircon unit work more harder for cooling of your home, then it work for longer time and that consume more electricity as well. Also, due to extra efforts it consume more electricity for cooling of your room. That means it will consume more electricity if you have lack of Aircon gas in it and that is not good in any condition. Therefore it is also strongly recommended that if you notice any kind of drop in Aircon gas level then you should contact the mechanic or technician without any delay.

Aircon Gas Regularly

For reducing mechanical faults:

Increased mechanical fault is another common problem that you can have in your Aircon due to lack of Aircon gas in it. I am saying this because due to lack of coolant your Aircon unit will need to work beyond its capacity and that will surely create so many mechanical problems in it. in this situation first it will have minor problems in your Aircon and then those minor problems will transform into major one. Also, most of these Aircon problems may have various other issues that can increase the expenses for you in a major ways. So, it is one more reason that explain why you should top up your Aircon gas on regular manner.

For prevention of water leaking issue:

If you will have lower Aircon gas level in your air-conditioning unit then its evaporator coil will get frozen very often. This regular freezing of evaporator coil will make it impossible for you to use the Aircon unless ice is melted completely. Also, this ice deposition and melting will create the issue of water leakage from your Aircon unit and that can make your carpet dirty. Other than this, continuous water leaking can make your walls also dirty and bad looking. However, if you will use adequate amount of coolant in your Aircon unit then you will not have to face this problem as well.

For avoiding Freon leak problem:

Along with main Aircon gas, Freon is another substance that is a part of Aircon and it can start leaking due to lack of Aircon gas or coolant. The most complicated problem with this issue is that Freon is not an environmental friendly gas. Also, this gas is not only harmful for environment but it can cause some dangerous and non positive effects on those human also that comes in the contact of this gas. Other than this environmental protection agency also suggested that all the aircon owners should look into this matter as soon as they notice the issue of Aircon leak. So, I can tell that lack of Aircon gas is harmful for nature as well and you should charge it for comfortless of nature also along with other factors.

For saving of money:

Along with all the other factors saving of money is another important factor that can encourage you to top up the Aircon gas on regular manner. Indeed, you will need to invest some money in toping of this gas or coolant, but when you do that then you reduce your electricity bill as your Aircon give better cooling with lesser electricity consumption. Also, it does not get extra load or burden on it and that make it less vulnerable to complications or other troubles. As a result of that you do not get issue in your Aircon unit and you pay less money for the servicing of your Aircon unit. It also prevent other damages such as making your carpet dirty due to water leak and that is another good way of money saving. So, if you are not impressed with other factors, then you can consider that saving of money is a big factor that explain why you should top up your Aircon gas on regular basis.


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