Can Aircon Give You Sore Throat?

When in Singapore, you may need to use an air conditioner due to the country’s climate which is classified as a tropical rainforest. The country does not have any distinct seasons and its weather is characterized by uniform pressure and temperature, abundant rainfall and high humidity. Its temperatures can rise to above 33.2 degrees and can also rise up to the 35 degrees. One will need to use an air conditioner in this kind of climate. Using an air conditioner results in some effects on the user and thus the question can aircon give you sore throat? There are some facts below that explain this question from a logical point of view.

Can airconj give you sore throat?

Air conditioning usually dries out all the air around it to an unhealthy level that is also abnormal. By doing this, it is responsible for causing sore throats to many people. However, the aircon is not wholly to blame for the sore throats that most people experience. This is because there are so many who have benefitted from the use of air conditioners without complaining of sore throats. This means that there are other factors involved in the causation of a sore throat by the air conditioner and below are some of these factors.

Poor Installation
If your aircon is installed poorly then it will lead to an inadequate circulation of air which causes the system to be stagnant in some areas and this will brew infections. This proves that indeed the air conditioner can cause sore throats if it is fitted poorly during the installation process. It is therefore important to ensure that your air conditioner is installed well to avoid its potential to cause sore throats to the users.

Running the Air conditioner with the vent control closed
If you run the air conditioner with the vent controls closed it will raise your chances of getting a sore throat. This is because of the fact that it will lead to the inadequate exchange of air from the room and the outside world which makes air to remain stagnant in some areas which is a potential cause of the infection. You should open the windows or run the system with its vent control opened to allow the circulation of air in the room or house.

Poor Maintenance of the System
If you do not maintain your air conditioner in the correct manner, then it will lead to problems such as the growth of molds on the air filters that will be filthy. This will increase the chances of getting throat infections in the people who use such an air conditioner. It is important to maintain the system well at all times and ensure that the air filters are changed on a regular basis.

Over using the system
If you tend to overuse the system for cooling your home to the point that it reaches excessive aridity, then problems will be experienced in your body. It will result in a lot of dry air being passed from the room into your lungs via the throat membranes. This will cause your throat to dry making it sore. The best way to prevent such is by ensuring windows are open at times to prevent the air from drying up. You can also use the system a little less while running a humidifier or use a bowl of water in the room so that the air conditioner cannot completely dry out the air. You should also keep your body hydrated in order to escape having to deal with a throat infection.

After highlighting all the above points we now get to answer our question; can aircon give you sore throat? The answer is yes but only if it is used in the wrong manner and a host of other factors as highlighted above. Most of these throat infections are caused by human errors either in the installation of the systems, maintaining them or how they are used. It is therefore safe to assume that if one uses an air conditioner poorly then they are bound to have dry throats as a result of the dry air stagnating in the room and passing through their throat membranes causing the dryness. One ought to ensure that they practice the best methods of using an air conditioner in order to avoid getting these throat complications associated with its use.

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